Sample Business Studies Paper on Globalization

Globalization has promoted access to goods and services. The construction of major waterway ports and availability of air transportation options ensure that manufacturers can transport their raw materials and final products to desired destinations. It has also provided business people with the ability to widen their target market and supply their products or services globally.

The international supply chain is based on the distribution of products globally through a dynamic network that allows customers to purchase their goods from distributors located in a different country. The supply chain allows suppliers to ensure that they can serve customers from different parts of the world. This supply chain is based on managing of activities such as the acquisition of raw materials from different sources, manufacturing and assembly of goods or planning of service delivery, transportation processes and storage, inventory and shipping plans, and delivery of final products to customers. Individuals involved in the international supply chain are required to ensure that these processes are conducted well to reduce the risk of delivering the wrong product to a customer.

Suppliers receive payments for their goods or services through online banking options like PayPal, Skrill, Payza, Google Wallet, Stripe, Payoneer, among other options. These online financial service providers ensure that suppliers can receive payments for their services easily. Suppliers registered to more than one online banking system usually offer their customers the option of sending their payments to their preferred financial service. After receiving the payments, suppliers dispatch the goods to the customers and provides the customer with an estimation of the shipping schedule. Most suppliers store their goods in warehouses located in different countries where most of their customers live to reduce the shipping time and cost. The existence of these online payment services that allow customers to use varying currencies has promoted international business.