Sample Business Studies Paper on Game of Thrones

This is the last essay assignment for this course and worth the most points for your final grade. So…take some time today and tomorrow to think about the prompt and ensure that you can answer it fully and correctly.

For this research assignment choose a film or TV series which you believe works well the theme of this course, narrative and travel.  By “works well” your film might be about the secondary themes, such as heroes on the road and sea, travel and alienation, or migration as we have broadly understood this word.  So you film might complement the readings and develop some undeveloped aspect of the theme, or it might contradict the theme. With regard to the latter, you might choose a film which is about someone who never leaves home but whose life nonetheless has both narrative and experience as central components.

After you have selected your film or TV series you will write an essay of at least 2500 words and which includes 5 research based sources and an annotated bibliography and in which you argue for the way your film or TV series works well–to use our phrase–with the theme of the course.  This essay must be submitted as a Word file–do not write directly onto Canvas or send me a pdf.  We will discuss research techniques in the next lab assignment, but these sources must be from credible sources such as newspapers, journals, legitimate websites, or academic sources. You should look for reviews and essays about your film or TV series, for example.  Find 5 of these sources which help you develop your argument! I have posted an example of an annotated bibliography entry under Files.

Also, for the last module response for the course, submit  a three paragraph presentation of your research paper, telling your classmates about your film or tv choice, why you chose it, the point you are making about it (thesis), and the 5 sources you found.   Submit the presentation by June 9th to the Discussion board and comment your classmates’ presentations.

This final research essay assignment is due by June 12th, 2023, so you have time to complete–get started today.