Sample Business Studies Paper on Evaluating the Snoring Sleepers business plan as an investor

A ‘due diligence’ of a business plan means that you analyse whether it is an investable business. You first look at the strength of the business plan and then think would like to see it being changed (as investors). So, If you are performing the due diligence from the investor’s point of view, you should identify strengths and what needs to be changed for you in order to invest.

Evaluate the Snoring Sleepers business plan from as an investor perspective (role of Investor attached)

Please download the questions below to guide your due diligence (attached).
Due Diligence instructions and questions (Note that this file only provides guiding questions – please use a basic report format, not the format shown in the PDF)

You do not have to rewrite the business plan. Instead you should write a critique and make proposals on how you would change it in order to invest, based on the profile assigned to you.

Word count: 1,500 words
Assessment criteria
In-depth and intelligent judgement of the technology and appropriability position, business model, market, team, financials and industry value chain. (25%)
Qualitative suggestions (measures and alternatives) on how to improve/adapt the business idea and plan. (25%)
Correct use of concepts, frameworks and theories seen in the assigned readings, campus sessions and online content. (25%)
Clarity of ideas, structure, writing style, references, layout, etc. (25%)