Sample Business Studies Paper on employee silence in tourism organization

research topic : employee silence in tourism organization

instruction :
First things first: Tell me what are the broad topics that you are interested in?
What are the reasons that you chose this research topic (Business or personal or both)
What are the most important 6-8 references related to this topic (get some old references, before 2010 and some new references, after 2017)
What is the research gap (what we do not know yet from extant research?)
Why is this research gap important?
How can addressing this research gap contribute to theory and practice? What do we add to what we currently know?
How will you start your research? Do you have any theoretical framework in mind?
What will the literature review include? What kind of concepts of variables? Also, you need to write a bit about your literature review, show is the literature reviewed
What kind of ontological and epistemological choices will you make? Why do you choose this specific type?
What kind of methodology will you adopt? What are the tools that are associated with this methodological choice? Why did you choose this specific method?
What are your expected results? Do you have any assumptions in mind? And what are you trying to explore?What is your strategy for data collection?