Sample Business Studies Paper on Employee Promotion

Employee Promotion

Question 1

The case presents different jobs that are essential for the growth and survival of the company in the modern market. Project manager position is primarily responsible for leading the firm’s teams in accomplishing a specific assignment. Additionally, the position is tasked with planning, organizing, monitoring and coordinating specific tasks that aim at increasing the general productivity of the institution. Since many businesses have in the recent years increased their investment in online marketing, the position is essential in increasing the competitiveness of the entity in the industry (Tharp & Romero, 2017). Therefore, when hiring people for the position, the organization should be cautious. The article “Marketing expert: Consumers want to buy online” provides elaborate descriptions of the different aspects of the position as well as factors that make people in this rank unique.

The general manager position described in the case is aimed at filling the gap in the mid-western division of the institution. Essentially, a person in this position is tasked with overseeing operations of the company and ensuring that employees properly execute their responsibilities in the various departments.   Furthermore, general managers are responsible for the delegation of duties, monitoring, and representing the enterprise in important business functions (Perry, 2018). The article “Learn to Adapt: Project Leaders Need to Transform with Technology” provides an overview of some of the methods used by individuals in this position to ensure growth and success of their entities.

Question 2

Internal hiring has different benefits to the firm, including boosting the morale of employees, developing trust in the enterprise, and providing the entity with a news outlook through the introduction of a new perspective to the functioning of the firm.  Other important advantages of the process are helping in building a stronger organizational culture and reducing the risk of hiring an incompetent individual. However, internal hiring limits the level of diversity promotes conflicts between staff and limits creativity and innovativeness in the firm. Hiring from outside, on the contrary, helps the institution to introduces new operative strategies, promotes diversity and encourage openness to every member of the general community (Krawcke, 2017). However,   the process is quite expensive and time-consuming and might demoralize the employees due to lack of career growth.

Question 3

The laws of the United States do not mandate employers to post a job listing in conducting internal hiring. However, most of them may be costly and dent the image of the organization. In describing these positions, the employer must ensure their adverts do not discourage individuals from applying due to different factors, such as sex, race, color, religion, nationality and genetic information.

Question 4

The different applicants presented in the case depict various abilities that present not only their uniqueness in the company but also the level of understanding of the operations of the enterprise. For the general manager position, I would consider two applicants, including Analla Pandalova and Jacques Davidson. The two applicants have worked with different institutions in various capacities for a long time. Therefore, they would implement creative operative methods to the business. Both have managerial skills based on their former positions and also have varying cultures that are essential in ensuring diversity in the firm.

For the project manager’s position, the company may consider the other two applicants that constitute of Peter Evens and Jocinta Fernandez. These employees have worked for the organization for varying periods; consequently, they are conversant with the methods of operation used by the institution. However, Peter Evans has more experience in the position as he has worked with the entity for more than 18 years and has vast skills in computer technology. He is therefore conversant with the market dynamics and the techniques that can help the institution to be more competitive in the market.

Question 5

Different factors can be assessed, including relationship building abilities, creativity, and market analysis skills, to receive promotions in the company. Other attributes, including the level of expertise of the employee and their ability to relate effectively to other members of the firm and problem-solving skills, to ensure proper promotion process is achieved. Other factors that may be assessed during employee promotion process include their work pattern, contribution to the growth of the institution, personal attributes  (such as commitment to the position), and the ability to promote the development of their colleagues. For instance, Peter Evans demonstrates all these aspects that put him in an ideal position for promotion in the company.  In the article published in today, (2017) “Maine Project Managers Learn How to Win,” Mr. Joshi notes that in selecting a good project manager, it is essential to ensure that the individual can manage diverse team sizes, timelines, cultures, and technologies that may enable them to work independently to help increase their effectiveness and productivity in the institution.  Equally, it is important to examine the candidate’s skills through scanning their performance in the different fields they have worked and to track their consistency over the same period.


Talking points

There are different items pointed out by the articles that are important in the assessment of the different positions.

  •  In project management, one has to consider investing in artificial intelligence to help in increasing the efficiency of the outcome.
  • The use of different retail channels for the sale of products has distinct benefits for any business.
  • Consumers are always willing to pay higher for channels that  offer  important benefits  both to their  growth and development.
  • Promotion of an employee of an organization is cheaper and essential as they are conversant with the working of the organization.
  • Internally  recruited or promoted  project managers have  a better understanding  of the  working of the  organization and  can therefore  focus the  available  resources  appropriately
  • A good project manager should establish relationships with other staffs to limit the level of complication in the enterprise.
  • Online marketing is not about what the customers want to buy but how they want to buy purchase.
  • Both project management and online marketing need to promote diversity, culture and advance technologies to ensure growth in all areas of the institution.
  • A good project manager should be consistent in performance both in their field of operation and in their managerial role.
  • Internal recruitment  should ensure all  established laws  are  followed  including inclusivity, openness,  and  equality to all applicants.





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