Sample Business Studies Paper on Effects of Social Media

In the last few years, social media has attracted a large number of users worldwide. The most used platforms include the face book, twitter, LinkedIn, Google, YouTube, what sup and instagram among others. The effects of this cannot therefore be ignored in the society today.

Social media has in a great way helped in bringing people together. The physical distance is not a barrier to people communicating as it was in the past. The internet has made the world such a small village where people can get in touch with their friends or relatives any time. This has even gone to a level where the parties communicating can see each other. Families and friendship have been promoted through this.

Social media has also affected the business industry as far as competition and marketing is involved. Many companies and individuals advertise their products and services online where they are accessible to everyone. This has enabled clients o get a wide pool of varieties to choose from as well as competitive price and good quality.

Negative effects have also been seen as social media has attracted many users. May people have become anti-social with the people are around them. This is more evident mostly among the youths whereby they are not communicating amongst themselves and instead they are busy chatting with those who are far and not paying attention to the ones next to them.

Cyber bullying has also been so rampant with the growth and embracement of social media. Some people are using the platforms to tarnish other individuals or organisations reputations for their personal gains. This has left so many people discouraged and at the verge of giving up due to their personal or business reputations being damaged.

Social media, just like any product has came with its pros and cons. To ensure that it does not harm the society, the public should be enlightened on what should and should not be done on social media as well as stipulating the implications of going against them. It is also important to note that in the current world it is almost impossible to do away with the social media.


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