Sample Business Studies Paper on Digital Marketing Channels

Digital Marketing Channels including websites, mobile ads, social media, and email as well as paid-search give marketers a wide-range of opportunities to advertise their products or services. In order to select an effective Digital Marketing Channel, the marketer needs to understand how each channel operates, in addition to knowing their target market. Presently, millions of consumers are online, making it easier for companies to efficiently reach more people. Coca-Cola, for instance, is one of the companies enjoying the benefits of utilizing digital marketing channels to promote their products.

The company selected and the products offered

Coca-Cola Company is the leading beverage producer, retailer, and marketer worldwide.  This American multinational company offers a wide range of soft drinks to its customers according to their needs. The company’s brands include diet coke, oasis, Fanta, Coca-Cola sugar free, as well as Coca-Cola original taste (The Coca-Cola Company).  Additionally, according to The Coca-Cola Company, it produces water, herbal teas, caffeine-free sport drinks and juices.

Channels used to Promote Coca-Cola’s Products

            The Coca-Cola Company uses several digital marketing channels to promote their brands.  Some of these channels include social media like twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin, blogs, pinterest, organic search, in addition to YouTube (Incredo). According to Thadamalla, Coca-Cola has been successful ever since it initiated the digital marketing strategy. Coca-Cola’s messaging is effective since they have over 90 million followers in their social media channels with 2.7 million on twitter, 300 thousand on Instagram and approximately 90 million likes on Facebook (Incredo).

Two Digital Marketing Channels selected to Market the Soft Drink

The two digital marketing channels chosen are websites and social media since millions of target consumers are online and most of them shop via the platform. The website is a critical tool in promoting and marketing soft drinks effectively. With the use of blog posts, ads, and videos on the soft drimk website, the potential consumers can easily find immediate solutions to their needs. Social media is yet another effective platform for promoting soft drinks and building brand recognition. I would use the Facebook page, tweets, as well as images and videos on Instagram.

The Soft Drink Idea

“The healthy product that drains away your thirst.”

Digital marketing channels like websites, emails, organic search, and social media are advantageous to companies in terms of marketing services and products. Coca-Cola has gained a high brand recognition through the use of these channels. The channels have several provisions of distributing content in form of images, videos, and messages.


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