Sample Business Studies Paper on Customer Experience Management


WHAT TO SUBMIT in one document?

  • Your own reflection of your chosen article. Needs to be related to Customer Experience Management
  • The peer review or the article reflection of another student.
    1. Mark the evaluation: Accepted / To be supplemented / Failed, on the top of the peer review page.


WHERE ELSE TO SEND DOCUMENTS? You’ll also send the peer review by email privately to the person whose work you reviewed.





I Reflection on an article


Evaluate the content of the article. How do you find the practical / theoretical relevance brought up in the text? What did you find interesting, important or unnecessary? What information were you lacking?

Length of the REFLECTOR’s text 1300words

Suggestion for the structure of the reflection:

  • TITLE & Authors
  • Introduction: What is the context, motivation and background to this paper? In what areas of theory or business practice should the reader concentrate their attention?
  • Objectives: What are the main themes, ideas or areas of theory being investigated? The objectives summarise what is to be achieved by the research study.
  • Theory: A description of the theoretical foundations, research framework, etc. that are relevant to the work presented.
  • Methods: This section should describe what was done to answer the research question, describe how it was done, justify the research design, and explain how the results were analysed. What was/were the main method(s) employed to generate the results?
  • Results: Presentation of the result obtained. What were the main findings? You can also use descriptive figures or tables if you find it relevant.
  • Discussion: Discuss the results. What were the main conclusions that the author arrives at when viewing the entire article? Put results in perspective by comparing to other studies, generally accepted knowledge in the field or your own knowledge gained during the course. You can also critically evaluate the text and the content as a whole.
  • Recommendations: (if appropriate) What solutions do you offer in answer to the problems posed in the research objectives of the article?


II Peer Review


Pay attention to the content description of the chosen article.

  • Overall evaluation of the task
  • Important elements found in the evaluation
  • How to improve the reflection?
  • What was lacking in the reflection?

Length of the REVIEWER’s text 800 words