Sample Business Studies Paper on Crocs Company

Crocs Company is considering itself the world leader in the innovation of casual footwear. This needs a good business strategy to maintain the competitive market. This will be promoted by having a good financial performance in the domestic and Global Markets.


Crocs is known for producing footwear that is unisex- worn by both men and women- which has its industry in the USA. The company was established in the year 2002 with a mission of style that is comfortable among women and a vision of ensuring that the lifestyle is sustainable globally (Lim 2018).  Customer feedback highlights the footwear as comfortable, fun, and has been a great innovation. “Crocs are made from raw materials known as ‘Croslite’ which allows it to perform in both land and water environment.

Consistency in the market

There has been an unravelling performance in the Crocs selling market. The first step towards maintaining crocs in the company is the establishment of the retail stores globally. Stores cost has been reduced by ensuring that they are available in all the markets globally. According to the Essay UK, there is need to get the possibilities of reducing the cost where an evaluation is to be made. This will involve evaluation in the contracts for the material production in the primary industry. Contracts may range from the operation lease in the USA with all other cost incurred as fixed or variable cost.

Internally the capacity to do most of the manufacturing in the Crocs production is aimed at maintaining the demand. Demand in most cases goes with taste where in this scenario the customer will determine the footwear colour as part of his preference. In 2010 the company came up with a strategy that is aimed at lowering manufacturing cost.  The strategy is flexible in a way that it had to promote the efficiencies in development of the crocs in a shorter period.

Outsourcing helps the Crocs manufactures in maintaining a stable market. According to the Company Website they were able to hire Charlie Johnson as a Director who has a good experience in the footwear creation of brand and innovation. He has been helping the company market its commodities by using a creative brand that is so unique in the markets.  Chris Ladd has been helping in the boosting of the international markets. Both have had experience in ensuring that there is satisfaction from the outsourcing of the raw materials all the way to the customers

Market stability in the industry is being influence by the emergency of Counterfeit. Crocs Company is experiencing the challenge of counterfeit products. According to Lianto 2015, Counterfeit is the act of producing or selling a product that contains an intentional or calculated reproduction of a genuine trademark like Crocs. There is a lot of pirated crocs that affect the market. It creates an effect in the income of the original product where buyers might not be aware of the fake products. Being a big company there is need to ensure customer protection. It will be achieved through minimizing the risk of buying counterfeit by ensuring that they are aware of the fine details in the product.

Crocs production has been put consistence due to the manufacturers adapting the change since its introduction in the market. The efficiency in production according to Simmons (2016), is fundamental in any production line to be a success. Production takes place in the USA and retailers are able to get the products in any parts of the world within a short period. There is an engagement with several initiators to ensure the relevance of the product globally. Integration of several methods also helps in ensuring that the line of production is at its best in the world.

Global market are important to companies as they help in establishing market outside the area of production. In order for a product to go the global market there is need to meet all the standard of the footwear. In the global market there are established products that are also competing like Nike Fila, Puma and Adidas. For Crocs to meet these standards there is need to ensure that they meet the best price, have the highest quality and also use of unique style that different from that of their competitors.

There is a great change in the footwear industry hence the need to keep up with the latest classic trends. Simmons in his change in the footwear industry, states that there is need to maintain a simple product that also help reduce the ranges in the Crocs. This is cutting across from the customers to the retailer. The retailers’ feels that their demands should be met within a short period even if they have requested for small quantities of the footwear. Methods of supply have also changed for customers want to feel comfortable when ordering products online. This has to be maintained by the marketing department to ensure smooth flow in the market. Crocs Company has introduced a method that ensures the product is readily available to customer directly from the company itself.

Endorsement in the market is making crocs shoes remain relevant event with the stiff competition. Fashion shows like in London Week ss17 where Kane adorned the Crocs with fur (Cupper, 2018). Kane said “Crocs are arguably the most comfortable shoes, they are naïve and childlike shape which I especially like when they look extra clunky on the foot. It was a turning point in the market where he said that the ugliness in the footwear is subjective determined by how different and awkward they are from other shoes.

Collaboration with other street wear is also enhancing growth of the Crocs commodity. Crocs was in the limelight after ironic fashion show that promoted the extraordinaire thrust of its simplicity. With partnership with Balenciaga Crocs, it’s released caused an exclusive sale such that some retailers had not even got the commodity in their shelves. This is a form of marketing where the marketer have ensured that that the brand work with other commodities.

In the making of the recommendations of how to sustain crocs in the market. Honeyman, (2017) in his book on Business as a force of good says, “The job of a good business is to ensure that it keeps up with the revolution taking place in the business”. Through this the Crocs Manufactures will be able to maintain a stable market even with the random cultural shifts. In future those who are stars now may be dimmed by other bright ones. To keep up with the new changes there is need to keep investing with professionals who are ready to make the company competitive and hence being successful.

In conclusion, Crocs have to keep up with strategies that are created for the improvement of their product. Innovations and mobility in their end product will be needed by maintaining the same standard. Companies will always be having the aim of saving money, ensuring high profits and also having a business value. Employees and customers are also needed for they will support with research on what is needed by the global market.



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