Sample Business Studies Paper on COVID-19 pandemic-related supply chain disruptions

You will be analyzing the COVID-19 pandemic-related supply chain disruptions and identifying the specific forms of supply chain risks encountered by businesses during this event. In this paper, you will strive to tie the supply chain impacts of the pandemic to the categories of risk identified in the course text, Supply Chain Risk Management.
Paper Content Requirements:

Description of what happened
Details of supply chain disruptions
Industry Sector Impacts
Pick two industry sectors and profile the specific pandemic impacts upon their supply chains.
Support your content with research.
Economic Risks Encountered
Profile at least one of the demand shocks encountered during the pandemic
Profile at least one of the supply shocks encountered during the pandemic
Explain why each occurred
Support your content with research
Societal Risks Encountered
What risks were experienced by logistics workers during the pandemic?
How did supply chains protect their front line workers?
Provide two examples
Support your content with research
Risks of your choosing
Profile one more risk category from our text as it relates to the pandemic
Choices: Political risks (differing responses by nations to COVID), cargo crime, or cyber threats
Profile an example of the risk you’re profiling
Support your content with research
Lessons learned from this event
Closing of paper

Research paper requirements:
The research paper should be written in APA student paper format. See Link to APA Sample Student Paper for an example of a student paper written in this format.
Your APA-formatted paper should include:
Title page
Minimum of 6 double-spaced pages for the primary content of the paper (with in-text citations where appropriate), excluding title page and references.
Body of paper divided into major sections and sub-sections as appropriate, with appropriate APA-formatted headers.
In-text citations included within body of paper for direct quotations and material cited from sources. See sample paper for examples.

References section at the end.
Consult the Purdue Owl APA Formatting and Style Guide for APA formatting instructions related to the required paper content mentioned above, as well as examples of each.
Link to Purdue Owl site:

The paper should contain a minimum of 6 scholarly references published since 2019. Since the pandemic is recent and the window of publication is short, both peer-reviewed, scholarly academic sources and reputable journalistic sources will be acceptable. Sources that meet this criteria:
Written by researchers in the field of study or professional journalists
Peer-reviewed publications preferred
Trade publications are acceptable (ex., Supply Chain Quarterly, Logistics Management, Inbound Logistics, etc.)
Not an editorial or blog within a trade publication
Not an article published on a vendor website (ex., software or equipment manufacturer)
See the link on Evaluating Sources within the MS-GLSCM libguide for selecting appropriate references for your research.
The MS-GLSCM and LSM libguides also provide a list of scholarly SCM and logistics journals to which we subscribe. Your search source may be quicker if you go through the recent editions of these particular publications.
You may also use reputable journalistic sources (Wall Street Journal, The Economist, etc.) to inform your topic.

Link to school library: