Sample Business Studies Paper on Conflicts caused by project schedules


According to Touma (2009), schedule issues revolve around both time allocation and distribution of tasks. Unfortunately, conflicts often arise because of some factors that are often overlooked by the project managers and management.

Reasons why schedule issues often cause the most conflicts on projects

First, for the project team members, conflicts arise because of feelings that the tasks have been distributed unfairly. Such feelings may or may not have a basis. Nonetheless, since they are a concern for the employees, they should be addressed. Secondly, project managers may get into conflict with the senior managers and stakeholders due to additional requirements for the project such as more personnel to complete a task which may require more financial resources that the managers may not be willing to give (Touma, 2009). Thirdly, conflicts may arise because of pressure brought about by tight deadlines. People working under too much pressure easily get into conflicts due to stress brought about by the work at hand.

How to minimize or control changes to project schedules

First, any changes in the project schedules should be motivated by the desire to ensure the high quality of the projects is maintained. Thus, changes must be necessary and inevitable. Secondly, changes may be minimized by having clear job definitions and communicating these roles to the parties involved on time. Thirdly, any changes made should be backed up by good communication which involves responding to any queries and concerns raised by the team members.


The reasons for conflicts related to project schedules include feelings of unfair distribution of work, additional project requirements, and working under stress. To manage changes in project schedules, project managers should ensure the change is inevitable, they provide clear job definitions, and provide timely and clear communication on the changes.



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