Sample Business Studies Paper on Business Cycle Impact

Student submissions should be original works and will vary but should be graded based on their ability to communicate the following concepts:

During a contraction in the business cycle, gross domestic product falls, unemployment rises, and the inflation rate typically holds steady or even drops.
During an expansion in the business cycle, gross domestic product rises, unemployment falls, and the inflation rate typically rises.
Predicting changes in the business cycle is difficult (if not impossible)—even for experts—because an astonishingly complex web of factors affects the economy and many of those factors are constantly changing.

BUS-110 M1 Writing Grading Rubric
Criteria Points Available
Students used on of the 4 options described in the prompt to create a one page visual 25

The one- page visual describes how do gross domestic product (GDP), the unemployment rate, and the inflation rate relate to economic performance. 25

The one-page visual describes why is it difficult to predict changes in the business cycle. 25
2. The student elaborates fully and provides
Included the hashtag #impactbusinesscycle somewhere in the submission 10
The remaining 15 points will come from spelling, grammar, citations and the overall formatting of your paper. All of your references must be cited in the MLA format. 15