Sample Business Studies Paper on analysis of a specific corporate strategy deal: Monster Beverage

It is required to submit a structured memo focusing on the analysis of a specific corporate strategy deal.
Corporate transaction that is to be analyzed: Monster Beverage Corporation Acquires CANarchy Craft Brewery Collective

Here is an article to get you started:

Note that you are expected to perform substantial independent research to complete this task. For example, you will need to identify appropriate qualitative and quantitative data for studying the structure of the value chains involved and for quantifying the potential value unlocked by the most important source of operational synergy.

I have attached in the first file the template to be used.

The page limit includes everything you write. For example: tables, diagrams, and illustrations (and their captions), footnotes, and in-text citations. Only one element is excluded from the page limit: 1) References in the references list (include any references starting from a separate page at the end of the document). Appendixes are NOT allowed.
The memo must be single-spaced. The page size is A4, and all margins (top, bottom, left, right) should be at least 20 millimetres. Minimum font size: 12 points. Fonts allowed: Arial, Times New Roman. The page layout can be either portrait or landscape, but YOU MUST USE THE SPECIFIC TEMPLATE PROVIDED.
All relevant tables, figures, and diagrams must be inserted in the body of text where indicated in the template, not at the end of the document. Be selective. Only include information that is directly connected with your analysis. The memo must be accurate, concise, clear, and well structured, including headings and subheadings to clearly indicate the different sections. The page limit is meant to test your abilities as an analyst: you must be focused and selective, and avoid long and vague descriptions that could apply to any company. Produce QUALITY, NOT QUANTITY.

The second attachment is to show you exactly the structure and quality of work required. Please follow this to the dot. (Using Monster and Canarchy)
Please make sure you include the Value Chain Diagram for both companies showing where synergies can be attained.
Also please make sure you include a diagram on the WTS & WTP as was done in the example attached.

If you have any questions please let me know. This paper was given to a writer before and the job done was below average so please just follow the instructions.

Also, please ensure the referencing is done as the example provided. Must be clear referencing. Avoid the use of chatgpt or other AI.