Sample Business Studies Paper on a case analysis of lululemon

Students will complete a case analysis of lululemon, as presented in the multimedia materials, and submit a 1,500-2000 word report addressed to CEO Christine Day consisting of:

Recommendation that will enable both lululemon (LLL) and Christine Day to succeed in this next phase of their development
Analysis that includes
Your business goal
The business rationale why attention and resources must be invested to address that goal
1 to 3 OB(“Organizational Behavior A Practical, Problem-Solving Approach”, Third Edition (Angelo Kinicki) ) problems or opportunities that must be addressed to achieve your goal
evidence that your recommendation will enable LLL and Christine Day to address the OB problems or opportunities and achieve your business goal.
NO OUTSIDE RESOURCES ALLOWED to be used, only can use “OB(Organizational Behavior A Practical, Problem-Solving Approach)” and, “Leadership, Culture, and Transition at lululemon” articles be the resources to write business report.
Tips to Consider

First, use the Organizing Framework to evaluate the situation. Then apply the 3-step method to decide which major business objective is most urgent for LLL and Christine Day to address. It may be helpful to identify the stakeholders, how important they are, how they perceive the problem or goal, and what factors might be influencing them.

Finally, use Balanced Scorecard frameworks to flesh out your recommendation and implementation plan.

Don’t forget to consider human factors at play, such as motivation, experience, self-interest, etc. Although we haven’t completed the Power & Politics Module yet, consider how power and politics might affect the viability of your recommendation.

Report Structure

Business writing is goal oriented and concise. In this assignment, your goal is to limit the information in the main body to what is essential for Christine to make a decision on your recommendation. Put relevant details, such as the complete analyses, detailed plans, etc., in the appendix, in case “Christine” wants more information.

With this in mind, you might consider following the outline below to structure your report. If you have experience writing business reports, no need to follow this structure as long as your content covers similar components.

Report purpose, key recommendations, and expected results
Brief description of the problem or opportunity addressed
Preview of the report structure
Brief description of criteria used, report limitations and any assumptions made
Body section:
Brief explanation of why the problem or opportunity was selected supported by brief and brief and relevant information about the context to help us understand
Recommendation 1
What + expected results
Why + supporting facts
Recommendation 2
What + expected results
Why + supporting facts
Recommendation 3, etc.
Major risks and opportunities you can anticipate and brief mention of how they might be addressed, should they arise
Conclusion, expected results, and next steps or call to action

Cover page: name & UNI, team, course name, assignment name, word count
Font size 12, Times New Roman font, .8- to 1-inch margins
Single space for lines, double space for paragraphs
Align text left
Headings: Boldface, underlined
Written in paragraph form.
1500-2000 words