Sample Business Research Paper on Triborough bridge and Tunnel

This is a research paper on TRIBOROUGH BRIDGE AND TUNNEL AUTHORITY (MTA BRIDGES AND TUNNELS). TBTA for short, you can check the specific information of this bond on EMMA ( You can also check the OFFICIALS statement.
I think we can start by analyzing TBTA’s purpose and credit structure. i can share you some idea like: What are the sources of payment, and how does TBTA maintain a high rating? How does the debt related to MTA’s current Capital Program of investing in bridges and tunnels for good work conditions? How will TBTA use the debt for further investment?
I think those are all valid ways to approach TBTA’s purpose and credit structure.

But the most important and, in my opinion, the most important thing to focus on is Two other areas of interest related to the project that I recommend you consider exploring:

– how the TBTA credit differs in purpose and structure from the MTA’s other primary credit(s) (for instance, the MTA’s Transportation Revenue Bond credit), and

– the impact of the soon to be implemented “congestion pricing” on the Authority’s capital plan (see attached, tne “Funding the Capital Program” section, and ) and financing credits.

Also, the TBTA leverages multiple revenue streams using different credit structures. I recommend you focus your primary research on TBTA’s MTA Bridges and Tunnels – General Revenue Bonds credit but also include a briefer, secondary discussion relating to the Payroll Mobility Tax credit.