Sample Business Paper on Uptown Bookstore

Executive Summary

Uptown Bookstore is seeking to establish operations at the neighborhoods of Calumet College of St. Joseph Campus. It is the objective of the management of Uptown to tap the growing market for books at Calumet college community. Uptown penetrates the market with low price strategy for hard to find books and a variety of dominant selections for students and Tutors (Dorsey, Adams & Entrepreneur Press, 2007). At Uptown Bookstore, the students and the teaching staff enjoys a friendly and relaxing environment that encourages reading and browsing. The firm is a limited liability company registered in New York State jointly owned by entrepreneurial partners with wide experience in bookstore and library business.

Uptown is a growth-Oriented business that aims at helping the students boost their reading culture as well as improve their success in various disciplines. Uptown bookstore will establish the bookstore in the busiest neighborhood of Calumet College. This region is known for high-quality infrastructure and growing population of students, the teaching and non-teaching staff. The facility is a 10,000 Square ft. store that allows the business to stock a significant volume of inventory (Dorsey, Adams & Entrepreneur Press, 2007). Uptown bookstore will provide the college community with a wide range of books including fiction, science, business, non-fiction and any other conceivable categories of books. Other services available to enhance the attractiveness of the bookstore as well as lowering the business’s inventory related costs will include the buy and trade services.

Additionally, the firm will extend the search and order services to the customers looking for the hard to get books. Additionally, Uptown bookstore will have a spacious reading room with plenty of chairs and tables and a cool atmosphere. The start-up consideration is approximately $180,000. It is the single time expense associated with starting up the bookstore. Part of the finances will be raised by the business partners while the other part will be through a bank loan. Uptown Bookstore will receive periodic cash influxes from the lending bank to cover the business operations expenses for the next two years as it works towards achieving sustainable profits (Dorsey, Adams & Entrepreneur Press, 2007). Funding agreements have already been made with the business banker so there will be no anticipated cash flow challenges during the next two years. Uptown bookstore will compete with small and regional chain stores providing similar services. In order to beat the completion, Uptown will create for itself a viable position within the Calumet college community.



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