Sample Business Paper on The Effect of Brand Image on Consumer’s Mind and Power in Modern Business

A Brand image has the power to influence customer’s views and attitude towards the product. Consumers will always go for a product that matches their standards, believes or self-image. Brand image has a great psychological power on people when the quality of the product satisfies the customer. Happy customers will develop a long term relationship with the brand to become loyal customers who will even advertise the brand to those around them. The consumer’s mind will even associate a personal need with a brand such that when they have a need, they have a visual image of the brand and cannot substitute it for another brand that is available.

Brand image is also a reflection of quality and prestige, it adds value to the product because of the perception the people have about the product, the company and services provided. Brand image is associated with elegance, success and fortune. Most manufacturers use influential public figures as their brand ambassadors to stimulate the consumer’s purchasing power of the product. The followers or funs of the celebrity associate the product with the love of the person which results in great sales. Brand image is the key to great sales and market dominance. People like to be associated with affiliations or communities that are successful; the winning team, therefore a good brand image attracts masses of people who crave success.

The consumer’s purchasing power is influenced by their mind. If a brand assures them of security, serenity or reflects their personality, they will be moved to become loyal customers (Joseph 2). A Brand image that connects with people’s culture becomes a permanent part of their lives. Most advertising company’s try to connect with the culture of their target market to obtain permanent customer loyalty.

A positive brand image that connects with consumer’s happy memories is likely to develop trust and a strong long term association which will cut down marketing expenses while increasing sales (Keller, as cited in Zhang 2, 3).

A great brand image can result to market dominance through continuous customer satisfaction and exceeding the consumer’s expectations. This drives the consumers to always choose the product hence great sales. Producers can develop a great brand image by carefully studying the behavior and passions of their target market. Delivering quality products to build trust and using marketing strategies that connects with their personalities, status and culture.



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