Sample Business Paper on Simulation on Digital Marketing

Alternative Digital Marketing Approaches

From the simulation, the ad campaign generated more revenues, while the costs incurred
were significantly high thereby affecting profitability tremendously. By contrast, the email
campaign generated reduced revenues at reduced costs, failing to yield adequate profitability for
the enterprise. In this perspective, if I were a real-life marketing manager running a camera
castle, I would have done differently by directing marketing efforts to social media as well as
mobile marketing. Marketing via social media would require starting by identifying the
platforms that the target audience uses, while doing so would make it possible to target posts to
the ideal dates as well as times for sharing content, which would ensure that the camera castle
becomes increasingly marketable. The process would require engaging with the audience via
social media by initiating conversations and replying to both grievances and praise to determine
the areas that require improving to advance marketing efforts. Additionally, mobile marketing
would contribute to improving the digital marketing efforts for the camera castle. Here, whereas
the desktop version of marketing content appears amazing, ensuring that it translates across
distinct devices would improve the digital marketing efforts. It would be possible to ensure that
consumers anticipate consistency across platforms, which would provide them with better
accessibility while at the same time improving their chances of interacting with the products
(Goldman, 2018). In this manner, it would become possible to run the camera castle as a brand,
which consumers would wish to engage with on a continuous basis.
Brands Reaching to Customers Personally and Influencing Purchasing Habits
In reaching out to me personally and influencing my purchasing habits, brands usually
ensure to foster a welcoming environment. They make me feel hopeful concerning the decision

of doing the business with the brand while at the same time fostering a sense of feeling happy
and warm concerning the choice made. An additional means of brands ensuring to reach me on a
persona level is through updating on the progress of what is occurring with the enterprise. This
does not mean sending messages each time they have promotions or sales. They usually send
helpful newsletters concerning the industry as well as send material that would assist in making
life easier. Furthermore, brands reach me on a personal level by making sure to personalize their
content. On their websites, they give a personalized touch, which serves as the ideal things they
do in establishing a link with the customer. Individuals prefer persons who know them (Agarwal,
2019). In this sense, personalization offers a chance for utilizing personal stories by other
customers regarding the products, which influences the decision for purchasing from the brands.

Social Media Importance in Digital Marketing and Impact on Buyer
Social media is significantly important in the digital marketing environment and has
influence on buyers as well. Social media helps brands to develop business tactics for marketing
digitally. Concerning social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, they
present businesses with opportunities for attaining customer attention while at the same time
building the image of the brand. The networks permit enterprises to utilize methods of creating
brand profiles, including fan contests and pages among others. This way, brands can identify the
preferences and profiles of their customers together with latest trends that the public adopts.
Social media also assists companies in establishing strong presence online through customer
satisfaction and innovative digital marketing strategies. Regarding social media, it influences
buyers through other customers and social influencers (Pütter, 2017). As such, with an inspiring
social media presence, such as constant feeds that display the products other consumers use, it
becomes possible to turn visitors to followers as well as buyers.



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