Sample Business Paper on Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe


Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) has a presence in a number of European countries, including Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Moldova, Skopje, and Serbia, among others. The organization serves a specific role in each of these countries, with the mandate served in each country being different from others. For instance, the mandate in Albania entails developing democratic institutions and promoting the rule of law and human rights in the country. In Montenegro, OSCE strives to help the country to implement OSCE principles while promoting the country’s cooperation on politics and military affairs, environmental issues, economic issues, and human aspects of security and stability. Nonetheless, one common objective in all the countries where it is present is to promote proper governance as facilitated by the rule of law and the presence of the rightful security and civil institutions. The purpose of this document is to analyze OSCE’s presence in Albania and Montenegro with a particular focus on the organization’s purposes in these countries.

For a long time, Montenegro has struggled with the arms possession among the public. Montenegro’s Defense Ministry sets out on a demilitarization program which seeks to rid the country of heavy weapons and toxic substances (OSCE, 2018). OSCE works collaboratively with Montenegro’s Defense Ministry to achieve this objective while further offering assistance in the destruction of arms, unstable, and obsolete conventional ammunition. Moreover, OSCE works closely with the country’s Interior Ministry in the effort to reduce and control small arms and light weapons. This is done towards the larger objective of disarming the public. Another objective that is crucial in the organization’s mission in the country is the effort in combating human trafficking. Here, the organization collaborates with Montenegro’s Police Department as well as the country’s media, prosecutors, and civil society to improve efforts for combating human trafficking. This is mainly done through awareness campaigns that seek to help officials to identify and offer protection to victims of human trafficking.

OSCE’s objectives in Albania are similar to those of Montenegro. For instance, the organization seeks to help the country in issues of arms control, combating human trafficking, and enforcing the rule of law (OSCE, 2018). However, the organization uses an independent approach to achieve this, since the scope of the operations is different from those of Montenegro. Considering that the issue of arms is not as grave in Albania as it is in Montenegro, OSCE here only collaborates with the military with the primary objective of destroying surplus conventional ammunition and disposal of dangerous chemicals (OSCE, 2018). In combating human trafficking, OSCE in Albania takes on a preventative strategy which entails assisting the government to update its migration strategy and execute plans against trafficking.

The organization helps both countries to enforce the rule of law by strengthening the countries’ public administration. This entails enforcing judicial reforms, as well as facilitating public administration. OSCE helps the judiciaries in both countries to appoint personnel on a merit basis and additionally monitors the performance of justice personnel.


Each European country in which OSCE is present has distinctive administrative characteristics.  For this reason, the organization serves an independent function in each country, while relying on differing approaches.  In Montenegro and Albania, the organization carries out similar objectives, including arms control, combating human trafficking, and enforcing the rule of law. Considering the discrepant nature of the two country’s justice systems and the differences that exist in the challenges encountered by the two countries, the organization uses independent objectives for each role in each country. Nonetheless, similarities can be drawn from the manner in which the organization facilitates the rule of law in both countries.




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