Sample Business Paper on Intercultural Agreements Or Conflicts

A deeper understanding of cultural limitations between the east and the west is of great importance. The two blocs that subscribed to variegated political ideologies during the period of the cold war enjoy divergent cultural, economic and political perspectives. Therefore gaining a better understanding of their negotiation skills would ensure more tolerance during such events as negotiations. With the current global digital technological dispensation there is the ardent need for better corporations to realize multilateral and multidimensional harmony.

Understanding the dynamics of cultural sensitivity in negotiations would ensure the businessperson of first hand information concerning negotiation characteristics of the persons from either of the two blocs. Ma notes that cultural sensitive communication and negotiation ability for the businessperson ensures that they can conduct business in another locality whose culture does not necessarily resemble their own (Ma & Jaeger, 2010). George agrees that deals in such cases are closed without the bustle involved with hardline bargaining commensurate of cultural barriers (George, Jones , & Gonzalez, 1998) (Ma & Jaeger, 2010). It also provides a basis through which individuals, especially those seeking career elsewhere, may exude a global outlook on issues.

Only through such knowledge would I get to understand:

  1. The manner in which various communities engage each other
  2. Understand the scope of persistence when it comes to negotiating
  • Perceptions on assertiveness among different communities globally




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