Sample Business Paper on Importance of Customer Satisfaction for a restaurant business


Customer satisfaction can be said is gained when the service which is received by the customer is much more than what he had expected or equals to the expected service what he had predicted. A lot of organizations have started to focus on providing the maximum customer satisfaction to their customers as customer satisfaction is something which would make the customer come back to the same place or use the brand again and again i.e. it induces brand recall and increases the number of brand trials.(Hanaysha, 2016)

A restaurant is a kind of service; a tangible product which is backed by a lot of services or intangible products. Most of the restaurants provide all most similar type of food (the ingredients may be different, the preparation might differ and even the way of presenting might differ), but on whole, the food which is provided and the cuisines are almost similar in most of the restaurants. Hence, the differentiating factor which comes at play in case of restaurants are the services and décor which not only make the place a memorable experience to the people who visit that place but also help in increasing the customer satisfaction of the people visiting the restaurant.

Clients are like a God for any eating joint. On the off chance that you need your eatery to turn out to be exceptionally beneficial, at that point it is highly significant that your clients are happy with your services and are satisfied by them. (Shetty et al., 2018)

To satisfy your clients you need to do precisely what they need i.e. you need to satisfy their desires. At that point only they are going to come back to your restaurant once again. Yet, in the event that you don’t satisfy your clients’ desires, at that point at any rate you will realize there are various areas when you can improve your services. Not only this, if your customers turn out to be happy with your services i.e. they are satisfied by the services which are provided to them by your restaurant, it will work like a word of mouth for your business and will increase the user generated content and then a lot of more people are going to visit your restaurant for the services.

Cause and effect relationship

As indicated by the information of the National Restaurant Association, most of effective and profitable and famous restaurants are fruitful because of their enormous steadfast client base. An eatery comprises of a few gatherings of individuals who fill in as a group to satisfy a solitary goal i.e., to satisfy the demand and desires of their customers. (Koshki, Esmaeilpour and Ardestani, 2014)

On the off chance that your administrations fulfill your clients, at that point it will expand your café’s benefits. Thus, it turns out to be especially significant for you to fulfill your clients by giving various prizes.

By watching your restaurant’s customer feedbacks, you will become more acquainted with what precisely your clients think about and the various things what might be needed to change so as to improve the level of satisfaction of the customers.

  • Menu determination
  • Quality of the food
  • Waiting time
  • Menu estimating and esteem
  • Polished skill and amicability of servers
  • Expeditiousness of administration
  • Stylistic layout
  • Server’s information on the menu
  • Generally speaking eatery experience
  • Eatery area
  • The live band of music
  • Décor of the place
  • Sitting capacity

Importance of Customer Satisfaction in Restaurant Business

The various reasons why the customer satisfaction is an important thing in the restaurant business and how it can help the restaurant businesses are as follows:

  • A slight increment in consumer loyalty can win you a large number of dollars incomes.
  • Indeed, even it is seen that a solitary digit more increment in your eatery’s Yelp appraisals can acquire you over 5% expansion in benefits.
  • These days, individuals used to experience top online client audit locales like Google surveys, Yelp and some more. This pattern of perusing surveys is expanding step by step.
  • It is seen that clients need restaurateurs ought to recall their names and their preferred dish.
  • It is additionally observed that most of individuals won’t visit a café on the off chance that it has negative audits in online survey locales.
  • Along these lines, the eateries must be dynamic in top online life locales and get a positive audit over yonder.
  • A great experience of the customers help in garnering more of the positive feedback among their peer and family circles leading to spreading of positive word of mouth which helps in fetching more business and awareness for the businesses at large.

Issues faced by Owners in Restaurant Business

The restaurant business can face a lot of issues. To mention a few of the issues which the restaurant owners might face while starting up their own venture are:

  1. Staying aware of market patterns

Before a potential entrepreneur chooses to open an eatery, the person in question must get comfortable with the market. A thorough examination of existing patterns and the suitability of comparative café adventures in the network is a decent method to conjecture potential income in each quarter.

2. Having enough capital

A zone where eatery business visionaries can run into large issue is capital, and explicitly, an absence of it. Owners ought to be certain that they have in any event enough cash to run for the main year, and ought to have enough assets to adapt to startling cost increments. (Binsar Kristian P. and Panjaitan, 2014)

3. Successful stock administration and menu evaluating

Owners should maintain a sharp spotlight on overseeing costs. Menu evaluating ought to be as liquid as would be prudent. Regular and little increments in menu costs are simpler to offer to clients than bigger progressively perceptible increments done inconsistently.

5. Employing changeless and regular staff

Owners of famous restaurants know the significance of having the correct representatives. An association must make certain to have a decent group set up during all seasons, yet explicitly during times of the year where client volume expands, similar to the late spring.

6. Novel Selling Point

What makes your restaurant one of a kind? Do you offer a style of nourishment that is not the same as the other neighbourhood contenders or an extraordinary ambience that praises the supper? For instance, if your eatery conveys an enormous determination of specialty brews or you are known for the best burger nearby, utilize that furthering your potential benefit in building up your quality in the culinary scene.

Ensuring Success in Restaurant Business

The ways how one can ensure the success of the restaurant are as follows:

  • Area for Your Restaurant
    Locality where your restaurant is of essential significance. Things to be kept in mid while deciding the location of your restaurant is: Who are your potential visitors? What are their needs and buying conceivable outcomes?
    Area additionally decides menu thing of your café, same as eatery structure and idea. Are there around some business structures, colleges, schools?
  • Good Promotion
    Put up a financial limit for your publicizing and get the chance to work which will bring achievement.
  • Alter Your Restaurant’s Offer to Your Guests
    Address extraordinary regard for the nourishment costs and adjust them to the expenses of arrangement and budgetary capability of your visitors. Give the value a chance to be acclimated to the nature of nourishment and administration that you offer. (A. Al-Tit, 2015)
  • You Need to Understand Your Customers
    Restaurant owners often make a valiant effort to make decent eatery with great help yet missed to make a decent research about their potential clients. Understanding your clients intends to becoming more acquainted with your clients so well that you can envision their needs and surpass the expectations they have and hence achieving high rating on customer satisfaction. Reasons why this be needed in restaurant business is:
  • Distinguish your visitors profiles and put yourself from your visitor’s point of view.
  • Discover how to speak with them.
  • Examine your information with orders, it can reveal to you a great deal.
  • Search for designs so you can perceive what sort of requests your clients ordinarily make.
  • Improve your business by listening your clients, and give them the likelihood to rate your nourishment and clients administration.
  • Ask your clients what they think and give them what you have done because of their input. You may never find where you are turning out badly except if you proactively counsel your visitors and read their rates.


In the event that your visitors can depend on great nourishment and great assistance, it is positively motivation to come back to your café. On the off chance that the quality isn’t consistent odds of holding standard visitors are little. The challenge is too solid to even think about retaining them. Ensure that the nature of nourishment and client support in your eatery is at significant level and all the more critically keep it consistent. Good plans and methods for cooking that have just been acknowledged among the visitors ought not be changed. Visitors returning to eateries where they comprehend what they can hope to get for their cash in regards to nourishment and client assistance.


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