Sample Business Paper on Entrepreneurs; Entrepreneur’s Personality

Every organization always needs enthusiastic people in their management. Most of the entrepreneurs are those who are passionate and love what they want to achieve. Have you ever seen a gem surrounded by stones?  that may be difficult to find out that the gem is real or it can be beneficial but when the gems are dug out it prove his worth.My inspiration drives me to give a valiant effort. I have an eager, exceptionally composed, and an outcome arranged individual. In my life, I generally attempt to be engaged and timely toward what I love to work. (Holland &Glauser, 2016)



Entrepreneurs are someone search and find out what is missing out ina  society or the basic needs of society and then fulfill that.

so obviously I have an entrepreneur type personality I have all the traits that entrepreneurs have. (Aldrich, 2014)

Moreover, I always think differently and try to think outside of the shell. Business, corporations, and firms are built on new ideas and those new ideas need to come from a place of creativity and self-confidence and I believe in myself at every step of my life.


iii) Discuss some of the horticultural entrepreneurs who revolutionized the agriculture area.?

 Horticultural entrepreneurs; Innovation in Agriculture

They are the genuine bleeding edge of diminishing sustenance adversity and waste, growing harvest yields, improving business division. (Aldrich, 2014)

FelenaPareira from Simcoe and Victoria Sopik from Canada the co-founder of Kids and Company. Victoria Sopik is also the winner of the award for excellence in entrepreneurship at the 2018 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards. A few months ago I met these young entrepreneurs who were revolutionizing the horticulture as well as other fields and they inspired me a lot. (Grimm, 2011)


Name: Felena Pereira

Residence: Trinidad and Tobago.

Phone Number: +1 800 953 7247


Name: Victoria Sopik

Phone number: 416-948-7765

Address: 123 Main St, Anytown ON MIM 282

“Keep going, don’t look back. Don’t question your instincts, or let anyone else“ VictoriaSopik said.

Summaries of the interview:

Victoria Sopik; A young women Entrepreneur

Victoria along with Jeniffer were partners since school days. Their success came after a very bad life time period. However rather than working directly with parents they began to partner with organizations, positioning corporate-sponsored childcare as a unique employee benefit. Kids & Company continue to expand in size and services.

in answer to a question, Victoria answered that her first working place was McDonald’s and then she work at another place to clean cottages and waitressed at a resort in Muskoka.

I chose to be a business person when I got an idea of becoming my own boss, she said because she sees herself as an imaginative inventive and lady with exceptional characteristics. She began considering making business and need to see her fantasies fit as a fiddle. She says she is an avid knitter and usually surprises people when she tells them that she has 5 lovely grandbabies too. (Aldrich, 2014)

On a question, she said my advice to the people who are looking to grow their business is “not to overthink things, failures, and losses. In addition to this people should make a decision and shouldn’t second guess themselves. Moreover, one shouldn’t give up. Be careful who you are dealing with. Never look back after making a decision”. On asking about her favorite leader and mentor she said “Gertrude Bell. (Wadhwa, Aggarwal, Holly &Salkever, 2009)




2) Felena Pereira:

Felena first waded into the international worker talent pool in 2013, motivated by her father who was a great farmer of his times and use to manage 400 acres of fields. She said “I never knew women were in the program, admitting to the view it was populated by Mexican national and Jamaican men.

on asking a question, how you get into all this? She answered “Nobody is forced to be here. We choose to do it because it is a way out of poverty and unemployment”. She considers herself an entrepreneur calling this horticulture a “fiver-star area to live a life”. Felena explains her life “We have to be as tough as the guys because of the job. We stand on our own two feet and get the job done. It’s not a competition, but I feel proud of myself. (Aldrich, 2014)


A firm that deals in a market and that’s what would benefit me a lot. As much as I understand my capabilities I would start consultants and Marketing companies. Being a consultant you can inspire the world with your new ideas, innovation, new inventions, etc.







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