Sample Business Paper on Division Organizational Structure.

Completion in the business world is very high; hence businesses must structure
themselves to be competitive and profitable. AS a result, among the most effective structure is
the divisional organizational the structure provides both large, medium, and small businesses
with the capability to split a business operation into independent semi-autonomous units. Most
importantly, the small business units can work as a team towards a particular service, product, or
part of the production process. Hence a business will have multiple teams where each group has
its own goal, budget, and readers. General Motors has various production lines, each producing a
particular part of the car.
Moreover, the organizational structure has many advantages: it promotes accountability
of time, money, and human resources. In addition to the top management, each unit has its own
independent readers who are in charge of monitoring all resources' utilization. These readers will
also assist the chief executive in understanding the roles and responsibilities of each team
member. In case of any mistake, it is easy to trace it back to a particular unit of the organization
and rectify it in time ("Evonik reorganizing divisional structure," 2020). Additionally, each team
has its standards to meet, which leads to a very high standard of good or service. Also, it
enhances the smooth flow of work and ideas from one unit to the other empowering all
The process of formulation and implementation of division organizational structure by
any business is very crucial and beneficial. Primarily the business must analyze the task or its
work, enabling a comprehensive understanding of the business—moreover, complex ideas or
broken into a more straightforward and achievable concept for each team. Also, all resources are
analyzed and sufficiently assigned to each unit to enable it to meet the required target. The best

communication channels are also adapted to ensure the proper flow of ideas among all the
companies (Bragg & Bragg, 2021). Each team has to be given their standard to meet, leading to
high quality and uniform product or experience for the clients.
In conclusion, every business must adopt a form of organization to remain competitive
and achieve a harmonious production of goods or services. Also, a divisional organizational
structure can be adopted by any business. As a result, the company will enjoy the highest
accountability and a cohesive workflow environment. Moreover, a business using a divisional
organizational structure will understand its goals and targets. Furthermore, the company or
organization will maintain high-quality standards for the Moreover workers and the final goods
or services.



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