Sample Business Paper on Amateur Sports in the United States

Sports are an important segment in the American culture, with American football, baseball, basketball, and soccer being the most popular. Sports are classified as professional or amateur basing on remuneration. Professional athletes are paid for their service while their amateur counterparts none or little payment to cater for basic needs lie accommodation and travel. Amateur sports are mostly played by young individuals, mostly the college age and below. Adults who participate in amateur sports are mainly inspired by fitness and health needs. Amateur sporting in America is a huge division with special training facilities and resources to ensure the youth athletes are well prepared for the competitive professional participation.

There are numerous amateur sporting activities in America. They include American football, soccer, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, volleyball, table tennis, gymnastics, martial arts, diving, bowling, and swimming among others (AAU). All American high school, college, and university sports are conducted under the amateur status. While coaches and trainers are paid, the payers are not financially compensated. While some players can apply for athletic scholarship programs, only housing, tuition, food and other school expenses are covered. Athletes who participate in II School or NCAA Division need approval from the NCAA Eligibility Center. Individuals fill an amateurism questionnaire to help determine the amateurism eligibility. The NCAA certification is also required for an amateur athlete to apply and receive college athletic scholarship. The applicant is required to send copies of high school transcript release form to his/her counselor for clearance. SAT and ACT scores are also needed for clearance during the scholarship application.

Young athletes benefit from the innumerable training camps that are specifically designed to empower amateur athletes. For instance, IMG Academy has training camps for football, golf, baseball, golf, basketball, soccer, tennis, and track field (IMG Academy). IMG Soccer Camp in Florida, which accepts athletes between ages ten and eighteen, has experienced coaches and comprehensive training programs that include strategy, technique, as well as physical and mental training. The young athletes spend five hours of training. IMG Soccer Camp also has lodging facilities with modern amenities to ensure all accommodation needs are catered for. The two or four-person rooms have a wifi connection, a desk, bunk beds, and a private bathroom. Residents receive balanced and energy-rich meals. Other similar training camps by IMG Academy are IMG Golf Camp, IMG Tennis Camp, Youth Boys Basketball Camp, and the Youth Lacrosse Camp. These camps, like the soccer training camp, feature specialized training excellent coaches, performance training on leadership, physical and mental, conditioning and nutrition. The coaches have a wealth of experience in coaching and competing at the collegiate and the collegiate level including the Olympics.

Soccer in the US is gaining prominence. For that reason, the European football clubs FC Barcelona and Manchester City have established training camps in the US. FC Barcelona and Manchester City soccer camps help young athletes to learn the techniques of great football teams (Ertheo Education & Sports). The FC Barcelona camp, located casa Grande, Arizona, accepts athletes of ages ten to seventeen, who receive intense and comprehensive training sessions for up to eight summer weeks. Training, which is conducted by highly experienced coaches, covers diverse elements including physical fitness and technique. They young players not only benefit from football techniques but also receive valuable advice concerning issues like nutrition, dedication, character, mental strength, and team work. The camp also has lodging facilities with ensuite double rooms with television, wifi connection and air conditioning. Shared amenities include cafeteria, vending machine, heated and cold therapy swimming pool, garden, fitness center, Jacuzzi, and playing tables. Prices range between 3955€ and 13313€ for two to eight weeks (Ertheo Education and Sports).

CES Academy is another popular institution looking to grow and develop young talents in sports. The academy has world-class coaches who train the young athletes in baseball, softball, soccer, football, basketball, lacrosse, and volleyball (CES Academy). Campers train at the state-of-the-art Coastal Florida Sports Park, which features ML stadiums, game rooms, recreation hall, and fresh buffet-style meals. For boarding school, the academy accepts middle school, high school, and postgraduate students from countries across the world. An in-house tutoring program is offered to the interested students athletes. Middle school courses include mathematics, English, physical education, social studies and science while high school courses features additional world languages, electives, and AP courses. Lastly, courses for postgraduate students include English, health and physical education, social studies, mathematics, world languages, science, the electives, career and education courses, and AP courses. Similar summer camps exist across the nation to offer upcoming athletes an opportunity to train and become professional athletes in diverse sports.

Preparation for professional sporting in the US is valued, as manifested by the availability of facilities designed to help young athletes grow. Youth athletes benefit from training camps that provide first class training experiences and other needs like food and accommodation. These facilities ensure that the American culture of sports continues to grow for both recreational and economical purposes.


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