Sample Business Executive Summary Paper on Venus and Jupiter Law Firm (VJLF)


Venus and Jupiter Law Firm (VJLF) focuses on providing criminal justice services, for individuals and corporates, and a loan to those in financial pits. The firm has appointed some of the best attorneys who are undeniably the best in their fields. Our staff work in the communities to help out people with legal needs facing criminal cases. Moreover the company is involved in handling corporate cases across the country and offer legal aid to support these firms. We boast of adopting innovative models throughout attorneys to provide businesses with pro bono legal services and loans to those who do not have cash. Our goals include providing legal services nationally and internationally, attain winning records in criminal and civil cases through quality, timely and efficient lawyers ensuring clients are satisfied. In addition, the firm intends to apply social media marketing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This will increase the target audience and will allow the firm to interact with clients while observing confidentiality. We will work with the best computer engineers to create traffic, monitor clients’ responses, communicate to clients, and advertise our firm. VJLF will be composed of the best criminal lawyers and corporate lawyers who are experienced and also provide law education to the community. The firm aims at growing to international level through assisting our clients with their corporate cases.

Problem summary

Many corporate need legal assistance in order to succeed. Venus and Jupiter Law Firm was formed to put it forward as a firm that will offer criminal legal assistance to individuals and those who lack the cash to hire legal counsel. Corporates and business owners on the other hand do not have to worry about costly litigation, bankruptcy, and failed ventures since our lawyers are willing to assist them.

The solution summary

Through VJLF, many criminal justice cases we handle for our victims will assist them get a second chance to avoid prosecution. It will be easier to access the clients through the use of social media and also employ Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which will involve paying to advertise their website and increase their visibility in the search engine results. The problem that clients faced where it was hard to find representation that is reliable will be handled.

Target Market

  1. Corporate law services: VJLF will deliver legal aid and services to start-ups and well-established corporate firms.
  2. Criminal justice law services: VJLF offers support tailored to meet each client’s needs and help them achieve their goals.

We Are Better Than the Competition

We give each of our clients top most priority and we ensure that we are in communication ensuring that we satisfy them. Moreover, our rates are extremely affordable and we offer loans for services to clients. Indeed, we are aware that some cases need you to have the best representation and we assure our clients that we have the best partners.




We aim towards creating a law firm that is competitive, with experienced, talented and skilled workers, and surpasses our clients’ expectations. VJLF works towards representing clients internationally and having a global presence while providing employment to the best lawyers we can access. The law firm intends to secure the small business and corporates who are facing law suits maintain their business and succeed in their endeavors.


In summary with the right amount of funding, VJLF will be one of the leading law firms that represents corporate and criminal justice individuals while guaranteeing their needs are met.




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