Sample Book Review on “The world is made of stories” by David Loy

Sample Book Review on “The world is made of stories” by David Loy

Books have always provided an insight for an individual’s appropriate learning, and can affect one’s personal judgment. On educational grounds, books have a role of expounding one’s thoughts and reasoning. The book, “The world is made of stories” by David Loy has influenced me to accept the fact that the circumstances and experiences of our life are not moments to let go, but are stories of a turning point. The book fathoms on the art of human thought and perceptions. It has proved that relationship between religion and literature goes hand in hand. That is, religious teachings cannot be understood without proper interpretation of the literature found in the stories in religious books (Loy 4).

For instance, in the film Inception, the main actor Cobbs introduces a female, Ariadne, who becomes part of the story as they take coffee in a cafe. There is change of events since the woman is unaware how she reached the cafe. From the story, one would argue in cognitive perception that minds of the female gender often operate on the rule of here and now. Nonetheless, one cannot know this unless he or she engages in the story in this book. The book is written on the Buddhist light and narrative technique. This shows that the relationship between literature and religion can be deftly presented by use of literal skills like symbolism. Moreover, the themes of politics and religion are evident in the book. Therefore, an art of themes is borrowed from religious books.



From the book, it is very clear that, we live stories, we live within stories, we understand through stories and we are stories, hence cannot live without stories. We get to understand the religion teachings through stories written in religious books.



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