Sample Book Review on Journalists in “Spotlight”


Journalists cover a broad of issues in the society some of which, for example religion, are controversial and life threatening. Therefore, journalists covering such issues must be strong will and passionate as they likely to be accused of bias. Yet, it is often in the interest of the public for nonsectarian media to address religious news in a vigorous manner. Journalists in the movie “Spotlight” set out to report on child sexual abuse by the Catholic priests and officials and set a good example (Chapman and Nuttall 15). The investigative team in the movie dug deeper on the issue of abusive priests even at the risk of upsetting the Catholic church power structure that is substantial in Boston. They portrayed vital skills and activities that should be adopted by today’s journalists to achieve excellence and competence in their work. Even in the face of adversity, journalists have a moral duty and obligation to expose ills in the society and become agents of change.

Journalists in “Spotlight” interviewed lawyers, victims and other necessary sources. Through their interviews, they were able to uncover the failure in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church to recognize and deal with priests who sexually abused many (Schultz and Brink 23). In a similar manner, today’s journalists have embarked on carrying out investigations on social, political and economic injustices. Their investigations involve intense research as well as travelling to different territories in search of the truth. Today’s journalists also prioritize on their work as opposed to their personal interests to ensure they deliver quality and reliable information. Despite the risks associated with their work, both the journalists in ‘Spotlight’ and today’s journalists are bold enough to investigate on risky subjects.

Journalists in Spotlight endured stress and other obstacles, serving as a good example for today’s journalisms (Chapman and Nuttall 15). Similarly, today’s journalists face many challenges in the course of their work. They face threats and endure long and challenging working hours and schedules. However, the magnitude of their duties and obligations inspires them to work hard. The journalists in the movie were warned by their helpful friends on reporting on such an issue but they were reluctant to heed to these warnings. Politicians and indivudals who occupy special positions in the society easily manipulate today’s journalists. They should therefore learn from the example of Spotlight’s journalists and ensure that they remain steadfast in their duty.

The work that was carried out by the journalists in the movie “Spotlight highlighted core values of good journalism. Today’s journalists have the moral duty and obligations to question misuse and abuse of power. As seen in the “Spotlight”, the Catholic Church, representing influential individuals in the society worked hard to thwart the efforts of the journalists to uncover the truth. The church used legal sanctions to prevent the journalists from accessing vital documents for their investigation (Schultz and Brink 22). However, the journalists strongly resisted this stand. This provides a vital lesson for journalists to persist in their quest for justice and unraveling the truth. The movie is a pointer to the numerous challenges real life journalists face in their duties. With hard work, persistence and passion, journalists can overcome these enormous challenges like in the case of the journalists in the award-winning movie for true journalism is about demystifying mysteries and unraveling the truth.

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