Sample Astronomy Paper on The Solar System

The Solar System

Planisphere is referred to as the star chart analog that consists of the solar system that rotates around the sun as the common pivot. Another name for the term planisphere is the ecliptic. The ecliptic is an imaginary line which is found in the sky marking the annual path of the sun. The planets are found within the narrow region because of the gravitational pull and attraction that the planets have on each other. This is because, during the creation of the solar system, the planets were formed from the dust which surrounded the sun. According to the observations that have been made, it indicates that all the planets orbits around the sun except Pluto this is due to the connection and the strong bond that the entire solar system has.

There are many ways to differentiate between a star and a planet. One of the most popular methods is to notice if the light that appears in the sky is twinkling, the color that it produces and lastly the brightness of the light. The planets within the solar system are much closer to the planet earth, the lights that are always seen from the planets is the sunlight that is being reflected off from the planet. Because of the nearness of the planets to the earth than the stars, they always appear to be larger. Because of the bending of their lights by the earth’s atmosphere, the quantity of the light that is bending is small in comparison to the size of the planet hence the there will be no twinkle. Another way is that on most occasions, the stars always appear to change positions in the sky but the planets usually specific path independent of the movements of the stars.