Sample Astronomy Movie Review on The Interstellar

The Interstellar

The interstellar movie is built on a theory of change and habitability issues. Natural resources found on earth are headed for depletion, an action that poses a threat to habitation. Pressure is amounted on the few resources that are there. Thus, there isa need to look for another planet thatwill host human beings. Some of the aspects that the new planet should have in place to host humans are outlined below.First, the planet size should be between 0.8 to 1.3 times the total diameters as compared to that of the earth. This ensures that the designated planet has gravity needed to keep water as liquid.
Second, the presence of water is important as well as the atmospheric pressure.Moreover, the distance between the orbit and the sun is responsible for the generation of oxygen and hydrogen. The steller radiation splits water into these gases.  Furthermore, the planet age that denotes habitability shows that the solar object must have been formed duringMilky Way galaxy. It is associated with kepler -444. These planets dates around 11.2 billion years back.

Third, the distance between the planet andthe sun should range from0.5 to 3.0 astronomical units. The atmospheric pressure exerted on different objects on the surface of the earth is based on earth distance from the sun. Two stars are found on planets within the habitable zone. This is where liquid water flows on the earth. One star looks similar and resembles the sun while the otherstar is diminutive. They reflect light on the earth, hence, causing the oceans to rise. Lastly, the presence of vegetation and oceanic life is necessary for human existence.