Sample Assignment Paper on Subject: Proposal for Enhancing the Quality of Open Online Courses


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Subject: Proposal for Enhancing the Quality of Open Online Courses

This is a report that addresses the issue of the quality of today’s open online courses at Smoke River Valley, North Carolina. It was assigned in accordance with the college curricular that seeks to enhance research skills for the students. This research report would be titled ‘Enhancing the Quality of Open Online Courses’. It will address the ability for open online courses to provide the necessary skills and supervision to these online students and ensure that the quality of the education offered by the college is not undermined. The proposal will base its findings on research statistics, publications, journal articles, and other pertinent resources. These resources will act as references for supporting the solutions provided for enhancing the quality of open online courses. They will give examples and statistics on strategies that have been used and their subsequent positive and negative effects, as well as providing the problems associated with open online courses.

The second report would examine the role of the media in influencing peer-to-peer relations and social welfare of the students. It would be titled ‘influence of the media on student lifestyles’. The research would focus on investigating the diverse types of media such as television, internet, and print media, and how student lifestyles are determined by the content aired or portrayed in these media. It utilizes the use of survey and interview as the primary research methodology, and the use of other peer reviewed articles as the secondary research methodology.

Therefore, the write up of this project proposal is linked to enhancing a balance between addressing the pertinent community problems and the quality of report writing as enshrined in the school curricular.

Yours sincerely