Sample Assignment Paper on Literature review

Literature review

The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of short-term aerobic exercise on depression symptoms and body image attitudes among Iranian women. The researcher used Eighty-two voluntary participants in this study. All of the participants were matched in age, education, and marital status before being assigned to an aerobic exercise group. The researcher then registered the participants in order to begin their program at gymnasiums. The researcher required all the participants to in the exercise groups to accomplish their aerobic exercise in front of mirrors to be oriented on details of their movements completely. Additionally, the researcher provided appropriate music that was adjusted to the intensity of movements. Members of the control group did not participate in this initial exercise. Instead, they were required to wait for four weeks to see how effective the exercise was before undertaking the exercises. The researcher varied the intensity of the music while measuring the heart beat rates of the participants.

The t-test conducted on post-test body-image variables established that there was a significant difference before and after exercise training in the exercise group. Additionally, the experiments depict that there was a significant relationship between decreasing depression and exercise training in the exercise group compared with the control group. Lastly, the tests conducted revealed that the participants noticed a difference in their bodies before and after the exercise training program. The researcher used the SPSS software to analyze the data obtained. Both Independent t-tests and Paired t-tests were used to compare the effect of aerobic exercise between the exercise group and the control group and to compare the heart rate response to aerobic exercise before and after performing each step respectively.

The author concluded that when women undertake a routine of aerobic exercises, they can effectively reduce depression symptoms and improve some aspects of their body-image attitudes. Furthermore, the author found that aerobics exercises can be used efficiently to treat these Disorders.