Sample Article Review Paper on diabetes in older people

Evidence Based Practice on diabetes in older people

The article is written by George S. and Thomas S. It concentrates on diabetes in older people living in the population. Thus, the authors tend to establish whether the set guidelines by medical practitioners are being practiced such as eating the right diet. The finding of the research was that customized programs should be provided to patients to help them manage their health or diabetes status. This meant that no universal program would help serve all patients effectively. I would apply this evidence because of the following reasons. First, Information or data was collected through interview hence presented the situation on the ground. Primary data is representative than secondary data. The use of such data is essential and makes a study to be viewed as commanding or influential. Second, the sampling techniques and population selected helped come up with an authentic research endeavor (George & Thomas, 2010).

Some of the ways I would use to share research-based evidence with peers is through evaluating the sources of data and making recommendations. In evaluating sources, peers understand the method followed in coming up with certain decisions.  The second method is through recommendation that allows individual connect the study to practice (Bährer-Kohler, 2009).

My thinking about nursing research and evidence based practice has changed a lot from reading the article. One of the things that I have adopted is the use of custom or individualized approach to diseases. This means that patients will be treated through processes that suits individual needs. Second, self-management for diseases should be encouraged so that patients have the knowledge to deal with health status at a personal level. Some of the challenges I anticipate to face includes: convincing patients to implement new strategies and involvement of patients in program setting. In order to overcome these challenges, I will ensure that patients get the right information through education and forums that will enhance their participation and collaboration.



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