Sample Article Review Paper on Business Ethics

Business Ethics

Business ethics refers to organizational values, norms, and principles that govern individual and group conduct in a business. The term is always defined in light of three social virtues; integrity, honesty, and fairness (Ferrell, Fraedrich and Ferrell  63). Faced with an ethical issue in business, it is often difficult to apply business ethics without considering the professional ethics. Professional ethics helps one to make choices when faced with dilemmas that raise moral concerns at the work place (Strahlendorf). In this case Professor Woebegone ponders on whether to lose his job or breach the business and professional ethics.

Economic pressure is often cited as the principal reason for misbehavior and in our case could push professor Woebegone to the wall (Kolasa 30). Therefore, what exactly should the professor do? Business and professional ethics say that the professor should award the student his rightful grade. Although this option puts his job in the balance it fulfills the virtues of integrity, fairness and honesty. In doing this, the professor upholds the integrity of the test and is being honest, not only to himself but also to the student in question and the alumni association.

Awarding Roger Rapid a better grade to keep his job as well as enable the school team win the conference title sounds as a win-win situation but is it ethical? This step would breach the value of fairness as the action would be unfair to other students whose marks will not be adjusted(Ferrell, Fraedrich and Ferrell  63).Implementation of business and professional ethics in the 1st century is not without challenges; other will question the importance of keeping business and professional ethics. The answer to this question is simple, it is always good to do good, even though some ethics decisions may come at a price, the fact remains that it is good to do good.



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