Sample Article Review on Why Chinese Mothers are Superior

Why Chinese Mothers are Superior

The article, why Chinese mothers are superior, the writer persuade readers by showing a comparison between western and Chinese methods of parenting and argues that Chinese mother’s method of parenting is better than America’s.

In addition, being a Chinese living in the west experiencing new culture, it makes the writer credible and able to appeal to the readers although, she is fervent of Chinese.

While sharing her daughters’ stories she uses ethos argument thus; readers are able to trust her. More so, the writer use of either or fallacy/false dichotomy is evidence in the article, Chua shows only western and Chinese methods leaving out other cultural methods of parenting in the world, thus assuming the two are the only methods of parenting while one is superior to the other is false. Furthermore, she tries to appeal to ignorance when she claims that Chinese mothers are superior without providing proof, hence this is appeal to ignorance since saying something does not make it true.

She also manages to express her message and values to readers, for instance the writer refers to combination of Confucian filial piety and the fact that parents have scarified a lot for their children. This is a logo argument as it speaks to reader’s sense, calling for children to obey their parents. In addition by noting that Chinese parents knows what is best for their children, justifies her opinion, and speaks to readers that her way is the right way as she has achieved result with her methods.

Explain why the author’s methods of appealing to the audience do persuade you. .

While the write did not explain convincingly why Chinese mothers are superior, she manages to pass a unique though outrageous message of better parenting targeting Western parents. Thus, I believe Amy Chua’s argument is persuasive as mothers can use these parenting methods to improve wellbeing of their children, as evidenced that the writer opted to stick to these specific methods and her children modeled into the mature adults she wanted.

In sum, I cannot deny that her opinions or suggestions may sound strict and outrageous to most parents though she has proven method.