Sample Article Review on “The Soul of Capitalism” by Robert Collins

Comparison between When Canada Met Andy and the Soul of Capitalism

The article “The Soul of Capitalism” by Robert Collins and Nancy Tousley’s “When Canada met Andy” indicate similar ideologies especially in the definition of art. The characters in the articles seem to be torn between traditional works of art and modern art. The articles clearly portray the similarity through depicting issues regarding the acceptance of modern art. For instance, in The Soul of Capitalism, Hap, a farmer, finds the expenditure of the bank over a piece of art he describes as useless to be irrelevant. He suggests that modern art should not be defined as art if he could tell what it entailed. Additionally, Hap and Axel received $ 40 for a burned ball of barbed wire a fact which perplexed them.

On the other hand, Warhol in the article “When Canada met Andy” faces challenges in acquiring any sales from his artistic ideas of paintings and screen-prints of soup cans. He travelled from Canada to Vancouver but the people did not seem to understand the concept he portrayed. Most of the people ignored his art with clams that it did not serve the purpose of creating humor or fascination. For instance, the director of the National gallery of Canada Comfort, a painter, claimed that he did not classify the processed cartons and tin cans as sculpture as they did not him or Canada anybody’s laughing stock.

Similarly, the articles indicate that the initial parts of a program or advancement in the policies used in our lives face scrutiny as people tend to resist change. For instance, the mode of art used in the two articles indicates attempts of transition from the traditional landscapes. The artists bring in modern forms of art where they utilize different and unique strategies. However, the people depict resistance by referring to these forms of art as abstract while some call it bizarre. As the years progress, the art termed to be bizarre turns out to be worth millions and people start appreciating it.

These incidents indicate the similarity between the two articles as they bring about the concept of understanding and accepting modern art. People and the characters in these articles seem to be limited to tradition art through landscapes, and other traditional pieces of art. For instance, Hap enjoyed a collection of several paintings of landscapes but when the artist visiting their home gave him $40 for their burned barbed wire, he was shocked that such trash would fetch any money to anyone.