Sample Article Review on See Baby Discriminate by Po Bronson and Ashley

See Baby Discriminate

See Baby Discriminate by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman is an article that highlights a study on the testing of the children racial attitudes toward skin color and how parents talk to their children about race. This paper will focus on a response to the idea that kids are able to see physical difference in race among the America people.

I agree with your argument that we should talk to our kids about race. This is because there is tendency for children do notice racial superiority and differences when interacting with other kids. In addition, the fact that some parents quit the study after being asked to talk to their kids about race shows a wide gap and fear of communicating with our kids on the topic.

I believe the parents refused to talk about race with their kids because they feared the kids would not understand them right, may form biased images in their mind and they are unable to reason well and likely to embarrass them in public. I also believe that white people do not like to talk their kids compared to black America due to a fear manifested by past racial bias against minority black that existed then. As a result, talking about white pride should not be taken for racist rather as ones sense of who he is.

In my country my parents and school teachers do not teach or talk to children about racism, despite of our country Kenya having different races as we know that we are same and equal despite of our physical differences. Thus, in order to end the fear of feeling when you talk with a child he will say inappropriate things, there is need to explain to him/her past history and why race does not make us different.

In conclusion, most people find it hard and uncomfortable to discuss the topic of race with others especially their kids, for fear of exposing them early or sticking wrong images in their minds. Therefore, I see no harm in racial differences and parents should talk to their children about race with an emphasis that we are equal, regardless of our skin color instead, of leaving them to form their own conclusions likely to separate them from other children due to prejudice.



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