Sample Article Review on Early Warning Signs of IT Project Failure

Early Warning Signs of IT Project Failure

The article “Early Warning Signs of IT Project Failure: The Dominant Dozen” addresses 12 IT project risks. This relates to AIT 610 course. The course is aimed at providing fundamental knowledge of the principles and techniques of designing, developing and deploying information system solutions. According to the author, 20 percent of IT projects are cancelled in an organization before they are completed and less than a third of the projects are finished within the anticipated functionality and budget. This is caused by lack of effective risk management of the projects. The paper will show how the article relates to IT industry and applied nature of graduate school program. The paper will also describe the various aspects of the article pertaining to IT project management and how the various lessons learned from the article can improve the chances of success with project execution.

Evaluations on some of the projects that failed indicate that there are warnings that indicate likeliness of a project fail or succeed in the future. The managers are therefore able events that can lead to failure of an IT project. Thus, the discussions relates to the IT industry because it addresses the danger signs of IT project and chances of failure. Second, the discussion identifies some of the theoretical risks found in literatures concerning IT project implementation.

According to the article, IT project risk is grouped into process, people and product risks. This indicates that IT projects will never fail due to technical issues although the problem of processes and people at times manifest technically.


Relevant aspects of the article

The people related EWSs

The article identifies six people-related EWSs of IT project failure. The six signs centre on the top management, project team members, subject matter subjects, the stakeholders and the project management.

Lack of support from the management

What the management deem imperative is what the employees take seriously. Therefore, if the management does not support the idea behind implementing a system, it is bound to fail.

Lack of leadership by a project manager

When the project manager cannot lead effectively, then the implementation of the IT project is bound to fail.

Failure to involve the stakeholders

Stakeholders in a project contribute resources, which enhance the success of the project. If they are not committed or involved fully, then the project is bound to fail.

Lack of commitment of the project team

The project team members are supposed to work hard in order to complete the project within the budget and the stipulated time.

Lack of requisite skills and knowledge by the project team

The project manager is supposed to ensure that the requisite skill needed in a project is there before the project starts.

Over scheduling of the subject matter experts

These people provide the knowledge about the business processes, timing, data, rules and objectives.


The process-related EWSs are based on five processes, which include change control, resources, schedule, communication and requirements.


The IT Project management that succeeds in an organization is significant for the success of the organization. Identifying risks at the early stages of the project, makes it possible to stop the project due to changed circumstance. Identifying the early signs of the projects also enable the management to understand the underlying challenges and act effectively