Sample Article Reflection Paper on Waste Management


The article talks about the need to clean up the environment through proper disposal of the waste constantly released. It further argues that plastics are the leading forms of waste released into the environment despite their adverse effects. The article mentions that the idea of cleaning up the environment is in limbo since initiatives such as recycling are already being abandoned. It also identifies countries such as China that have already banned the importation of recycled materials (Moody n.p.). In fact, some of the recycling facilities in Oregon are closing down meaning that the lack of proper waste disposal could be here a little longer.


The most valuable information from the article is that recycling waste material can be replaced by other initiatives such as stepping up burning at incinerators and landfilling (Moody n.p.). The fact that recycling is fast being abandoned despite the increase in the release of waste into the environment means that other alternatives such as incineration and landfilling could be equally important.

Critical Evaluation of the Author:

The article’s author, Jennifer Moody, is a renowned American archaeologist concerned with matters related to the environment. In this article, her primary mission is to have people conserve the environment by getting rid of waste through appropriate disposal methods. With recycling practices on the decline, she suggests alternative methods such as landfilling and incineration as some of the ways to discard unused plastics that are increasingly being released into the environment (Moody n.p.). The author’s bias is that she looks at the decline in recycling waste only in the state of Oregon and ignores the practice in other states and nations.


The author argues that China is to blame for the decline in recycling (Moody n.p.). Of course, there are countries other than China that have banned the import of low-quality recycled materials, and this is what the author fails to mention. In addition, being an environmentalist, the author champions for an environment safe for living but later identifies incineration and landfilling as some of the waste management initiatives to adopt . Land filling and incineration cause further environmental pollution and thus, therefore her stand is even more confusing. The idea of landfilling to manage plastic waste problem is inappropriate.



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