Sample Art Paper on Violence in Media

In the contemporary society, popular culture is of significance to the general public given that it is a defining feature of what the public values. Music videos and films are among the popular culture artifacts. Unfortunately, the two have been blamed for the spread of violence in the society because of the immense influence that they have on people. Violence is one of the issues of concern in today’s societies. The vice has become widespread hence various authorities have put in place measures to eradicate the vice.

A modern music video that fuels violence is Violence of Summer by Duran Duran. Parts of the video showcases people engaging in physical fights whereby a person hits another using his fist (Duran Duran, 2014). Fast And Furious 8 is an example of a film that showcases and fuels violence among audiences. Several scenes of the film depict physical and gun violence and damage to property (Universal Pictures UK, 2016). To a large extent, the selected music video and film resist change when it comes to the issue of violence. Undoubtedly, the two productions fuel violence rather than discourage the vice. Not only do they display violence, but they also make it look appealing or trendy. Some viewers, especially youth, identify with the character of the productions; therefore, are likely to experiment with what they watch, which paves the way for violence in modern society.

Society continues to embrace such popular culture artifacts hence the violence is likely to become a normal and accepted issue in the coming years. Acts of violence have been perpetrated around the world with no serious interventions being made to end the same because of the normalization of violence. Undoubtedly, there is need to recognize the influence that violent media has on society and find ways of counteracting the influence.




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