Sample Art Paper on The statue of liberty

The statue of liberty

The statue of liberty is the most iconic sculpture that has a deep meaning for me. This sculpture is gigantic, welcoming immigrants from other all over the world to America. It is a symbol of the freedom that is enjoyed by persons living in America. It reminds me that the liberties enjoyed in this country are a gift denied to so many people in other parts of the world. American forces have been active internationally fighting for the oppressed persons in different parts of the world. This sculpture is representative of that, in addition to the historical significance that it holds (Tarbell par 2). The statue of liberty is a symbol of the unity of two nations, as it was given to the United States by France as a gift to commemorate 100 years of independence and freedom from colonial British.

The statue bears the figure of a woman representing the nurturing and motherly nature of freedom to the citizens of this country. The flame held by the lady is representative of the knowledge and light that liberty brings to the people. The attire and face of the statue are similar to that Libertas, a Roman goddess who is a symbol of freedom from tyranny and oppression. The lady has the right foot raised, which is symbolic of being continually on the move and giving freedom to other people. There are broken chains at the feet of the statue which further reinforces the symbolism of freedom that the statue represents. I feel that the freedom of thought, expression, enterprise and association enjoyed by Americans is responsible for the present dominance of this country in the world. Every time I see the statue of liberty, I get reminded of that.



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