Sample Art Paper on Rococo Arts

Sample Art Paper on Rococo Arts

The first painting by Hycacinthe Riguad is of well-built man who pose in suggestive manner to show contentment. The painting shows a lot of colorful combination. There is floral blue, gold, white and pale brown (Chan 205). From the paintings there is a respectable man, by what he holds for example the sword. The painting is done in France in the seventeen hundred (Chan 205). The painting is very clear and outspoken as one can see sword, high heeled shoe, curled hair, a floral chair same as the gown which is blue and white. The posture of painting is of confidence as he stands on a raised ground. The carrying of sword is more symbol of political autonomy additionally he looks honorable.

The second painting by Fragonard (Chan 205) is cloudy in color of a young lady on the swing. The colors such as green, white, pale blood appear to be smooth and cool in nature. There is sculptures of statue towards her. She seems playful with a young man under her skirts with eyes up on her thighs. The painting is more of provocative and show the theme of love. Behind the lady on the swing an old man pushes her on the swing. This may represent moral decay as the old man is the one who gives her the push as the other young man enjoys the rare view.

In both the paintings there is use of Rococo art such as the several alternating colors (Lloyd 97). The paintings have a combination of colors for example pale blue, pink, white and gold. The paintings have different themes represented. For example, the painting by Hycinthe represent the theme of French politics and the painting of Fragonard themes of love and youthfulness.


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