Sample Art Paper on Pingishi Alien Artifact

Astronomers have directed much of their resources towards the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI). The search entails scientific monitoring of certain electromagnetic radiation that may read some signs of alien life or civilizations in other planets. Scientists from different parts of the world are in a race to be the first to discover the alien civilization, which is largely considered to be a myth. However, there an artifact with the ability to pick communication among the aliens and translate the same to humans must be used to accomplish the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. The artifacts design enables these professionals to sense extraterrestrial bodies and their interaction. This artifact is known as Pingishi and will be able to travel to the outer space to communicate with the extraterrestrial life. The operations of the Pingishi Alien Artifact are controlled by powerful software that allows for information capture, analysis, and interpretation. In order to capture the real life of the aliens, the artifact has sensory capabilities that allows for sound transmission.

Pingishi Alien Artifact is small and portable, only weighing 4.5 pounds when fully armed and on a mission. It is hexagonal and fitted with some gadgets that allow capturing, interpreting and relaying extraterrestrial activities and communication in real time. Its capability is what makes it attractive and worth using in communicating with the extraterrestrial life. Pingishi Alien Artifact has the highest telescopic radio abilities that allow it to pick signals and transmit to the receivers on the earth surface. Additionally, the telescopic aptitude of this artifact enables more than one observer to receive the interferometer output at the same time. It also has a snapshot imager that is essential for the astronomical surveys. The snapshot and the beaming system work together to sense forms of life and movements. The system is set to pick the positive responses from the extraterrestrial activities and relay the information in real time to the receivers on the earth. The artifact’s system can pick radio frequency from the existing satellites, therefore, is upgraded to pick new signals that may contain embedded messages from the aliens.

In order to find out the kind of air in the extraterrestrial sphere, the artifact has the ability to absorb and emit odor. This capability will help in astronomical study of the extraterrestrial airspace. The optical capabilities of Pingishi Alien Artifact are excellent because they allow for automatic detection of the laser beams from the extraterrestrial life. If there are activities from other planets that emit rays, then the artifact will pick them. On the same note, this automatic laser can detect rays from aliens that may attempt to contact other planets. Therefore, Pingishi Alien Artifact can be used to conduct an optical survey system within the sky. The benefit of the artifact is that the optical system could detect changes in light transmission and possible blockage from the terrestrial bodies or buildings. However, so far, no sign of civilization has been detected. Pingishi Alien Artifact’s optical system can make better observations.

Artifacts like Pingishi enable understanding interstellar messages since they can intercept radio messages. The artifact can also picki techno signatures, which are signs originating from certain activities from the alien industrialization. Other signs that this artifact can detect are the infrared rays and contamination of the atmosphere that may be caused by alien civilizations. The gadget can also detect excess chemicals that may come from the industrial processes, just in case they exist within the extraterrestrial system. Light and heat sensors in this artifact are designed to distinguish between the normal heats within a given planet against those that emanate from civilization. For instance, it is expected that the heat from the industrial process and the light from civilization would be more than the natural. However, the variation should not be much.

Pingishi Alien Artifact will be able to travel and be stationed thousands of light-years from the earth surface. Through the interaction with the extraterrestrial system, the artifact will have the ability to produce specific radiation that is detectable at certain distances from the earth. The artifact will also be able to pick up the normal interactions among the extraterrestrial bodies. Such interactions include their methods of communication and ways of life. As noted, civilization is of the essence and the artifact, with the sensors, will be able to gauge the level of technological advancements.

There has been a lot of speculation about the existence of aliens with many believing that aliens are a myth. However, astronomers are in the process of establishing the existence of alien and communicating with them using an artifact. These professional are anxious in their quest to understand extraterrestrial intelligence. Pingishi Alien Artifact can be used to detect alien life because it can interact with the alien environment. It picks all the aspects of life and stores it in a system that can be retrieved. Since the aliens communicate in different ways from the humans, the artifact has an interpretation and analysis software that translates the output in a way that humans can study. However, the program only picks the interaction, the natural environment, and activities. Through communication with the extraterrestrial system, the artifact will emit radiation that can be selected from many light-years away for analysis. Therefore, Pingishi Alien Artifact is the answer to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.