Sample Art Paper on Kintoki with Bear cub and Rabbit

Media: Woodblock print; ink, and color on paper

Artist: Eishosai Choki

The art is a simple portrait of Kintoki, a common name of the manga icons and characters that have been used in various animations and even images. The character is portrayed as a god or a superhero with Choki using the same attributes in the representation in his portrait. In the portrait, Kintoki is represented carrying a bear cub, which in a normal setting would have been considered impossible. Most bear cubs are vulnerable and, thus their mother is always close to protect their cubs. Carrying the bear cub depicts one significant theme for the picture. The first theme is that Kintoki is brave and opts to carry the bear over the rabbit. Despite knowing the danger that he might be in if the mother bear notices him. From the physical appearance of Kintoki, Choki maintains the same character. In the image, he is carrying a bear cub, which is heavy and at the same time, he has a huge axe on his back.

The painting is also a simple portrait, which makes it easier to identify the different elements of the image and define the aspects considered in the development of the portrait. The most definitive color is black that highlights the bear cub, the axe on Kintoki’s back, and the small drum on the rabbit’s neck. The light hue of the other parts of the portrait makes it easier to identify the different elements in the portrait. For instance, there is a Chinese hand fan grabbed by the bear cub. At the same time, the bear cub has a cap tied on its head. With a differentiated image and color tone, it becomes easier for a viewer to see these elements within the portrait.