Sample Art Paper on Fashion Design

Fashion Design

Clothing is among the recognized human beings’ basic needs; it refers to a covering that is designed to be worn on a person’s body. People from different cultural settings have been identified through a certain way of dressing. However, globalization has institutionalized a common trend that people reflect and adapt in their dressing around the world. The trending way of dressing tries to stand out from the “crowd”; hence, it is referred to fashion. Currently, fashion is continually changing, affecting the traditional way of dressing that defined a certain community beliefs. Clothing is a vital part of self-realization that has deeper influence on people’s life. There have been some arguments that the emerging fashion trends are contributing to the loss of positive morals and ethics.Actually, fashion trend setters have been accused of distorting morals and cultural values through their way of dressing. However, this essay disagrees with the notion that fashion corrupts the social morals and ethics. The following highlighted arguments gives an insight that fashion is not responsible for an individual’s behavior.

The debate regarding the effects of fashion has been surfaced for a while; some have blamed fashion for influencing unpleasant behaviors among youths. In most cases, fashion trendsetters are associated with lavish lives that may be characterized with unacceptable behaviors among some people or communities. However, every community fosters for success and good living. Instead of viewing fashion as a distraction to community beliefs, people should recognize it as an avenue to success just like any other career path. The essence of fashion is to create a confident feeling to the person dressed in certain clothing. In this case, it is a source of revenue to an array of people starting from the designer, distributor, promoters, and the person dressed in that clothing.

Fashion enhances the issue of inclusivity and integration among all cultures across board. Previously, each community had a way of dressing, which is an important thing, to preserve their culture. However, there are rising issues, such as ethnic discrimination, and stereotyping despising such communities. These stereotypes will identify their victims through how they dress and pour scorn on them. On the contrary, a common way of dressing brings the integration feel where people respect and understand each other. It is one way of making people understand that they are equal irrespective of their social class, background, and cultural beliefs. One of the misconceived notions is that fashion entails embracing behavioral aspects that go against the norm. For instance, some communities dress in clothes that cover most of the body parts. The trending fashion may be going against these principles by showcasing most of the body parts. The common interpretation is that the trending fashion degrades the cultural beliefs of the purported community. Conversely, fashion entails an array of styles and designs and it is for the consumer to choose. Some fashionable dressings cover most of the body parts in respect to the beliefs of the aforementioned community.

It is important to note that fashion trend setters are on the limelight and make huge influence to the audience. Their fans easily imitate their behaviors and this may introduce negative conducts to the society. Therefore, it is important to uphold attitudes and values of the surrounding culture in order to promote the positive and ignore the others. On the same breadth, consumers should learn to put a veil between fashion and the promoters. This means that the behaviors of fashion promoters do not necessarily reflect the essence of fashion. Therefore, fashion does not corrupt the social and morally upright behaviors.