Sample Art Paper on Alignment and Social Change

Alignment and Social Change

As you carry out a successful research analysis several factors are fundamental in ensuring that there is a proper alignment between the methods used for data collection and the other features of research that are applied (Punch, 2005). Among the factors that are key in ensuring adherence to the correct criteria are the kind of research being adopted as investigations have ascertained that different researches represent different investigations that are being carried out which are meant to serve different purposes.

The level of efficacy, effectiveness and nature of research is also a critical aspect in ensuring proper implementation and evaluation of a research exercise; this further depends on knowledge generation as well as other great aspects that are viewed as either complex in terms of connection or its nature of development is closely related to the opportunities and technologies that are available (Punch, 2005).

The way a particular research problem is scaled can also be determinant as the development of an improved strategy aimed at achieving a certain specified objective that might be a definite solution to a certain problem, provide certain measures that can be implemented in case of a required action, provide measurable results that can be proved as well as providing provisional figures that can be used to ascertain a particular concept (Punch, 2005).

As an agent of social change, the knowledge of research implementation can enable me to improve the outcomes of the strategies that leads to efficient research in ideal condition since the cases require highly trained individuals like in the case of schools where teachers are regarded as the experts otherwise referred to as the homogenous sample whose service delivery is visible through routine practice.



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