Sample Art Essays on Ghost in The Shell by Mamoru Oshii

The Ghost in the Shell emerged as a manga from Masamune Shirow and gradually became a theatrical feature animation film by Mamoru Oshii. The film introduced massive changes among animators and film directors. The Hollywood live action film managed to fill the hearts of viewers with expectations, suspense, and trepidation. The science fiction film is an easy one to follow and understand with massive explorations on women and their surroundings.

The film features Scarlet Johansson as The Major who survives a tragic accident and has all her body parts replaced with mechanical substitutes. Serving as an officer at the Public security section 9, Scarlet and her comrades dedicate their efforts to hunting down a terrorist who hacks people’s brain and systems to gain control on them. The mechanical Scarlet bears more military and combat adaptations that allow her to maneuver the environment with great ease. The director highlights the vagueness and uncertainty surrounding her memory. Throughout the entire film, the character grapples with complex psychological pressure which the mechanical body excellently accommodate.

The movie is set in the near future depicting an entirely artificial body with innate human aspects. The director puts in the picture of the cyborgs that were originally human but transformed into artificial and mechanical bodies. In the movie world, distinguishing factors like sex, ethnicity or race are of little significance. The manga and anime film creates a deep philosophical meditation insight on what constitutes humanity and its existence. The characters express presence and charisma in the movie interposed by Scarlet’s great physical presence and dramatic tone set by her stern physical expressions.


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