Sample Art Essays on Contraflow media

The world has seen a great evolution of the global media face. The adoption of technology in the last two decades has influence the media stage largely expanding opportunities and coverage. The revolution of global media has seen global media interactions and development in new areas. The influence and dominance of the Western society has caused a drift towards formation of other channels to facilitate growth and development in other areas. The whole revolution has presented an opportunity for exchanging concepts among different cultures from the developed countries to the developing societies (Thussu, 2006)

Television and films has a wide fan base and have been crucial in the revolution of global media. with the liberalization of television media in many states government, production has increased. This has made it possible for other societies produce and develop films. Television has a wide audience base and has massive contributions to trend change and helping people reveal their own identity. Through, liberalization, people of the East produce and exchange with people across all regions.  Some programs on television record highest views and watched across the globe (Thussu, 2006).

Globalization being a concept of the west saw a dominance by western media. However, with the revolution in global media and content, other regions are beginning to enter the periphery. Over the last two decades, numerous changes have occurred on the number and nature of media outlets. Television is the most prominent type of contraflow media. currently programs from the east have taken up a share with channels like Al-jazeera among other Arab films and channels. The Indian community has its share to in film production. The evolution of the global media sphere has brought dormant region to the front of competition.


Thussu, D. K. International Communication: Continuity and Change. London: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2006.