Sample Argumentative Essay Paper on Should people under 18 be allowed to marry?

Marriage is arguably the most serious agreement that any person can enter into. It involves a
lifelong commitment that only people with sound mind can keep up with. People however, marry
with different terms and agreement due to the various regional structures that have been
formulated. Many laws have also been formulated to cater for marital agreements and affairs so
as to guide married couples. Although marriage is a right that everyone should have, 18- year-
olds are still too young to enter into such agreements.
Marriage is a huge commitment for people under 18
Marriage as described above is a serious life commitment that cannot be taken lightly due to the
responsibilities that come with it. It is something that should be put into great consideration to
avoid uncomfortable situations in the future such as divorce and unwanted separations. To be
allowed to marry you have to be fully grown and aware of the huge responsibilities that lie
before you. It requires a lot of dedication and commitment as well as a strong understanding of
life. A 18-year-old is not a fully grown adult due to their reasoning capacity and understanding to
Counter argument
Although 18 year olds are considered to be less mature compared to other people of above 18
years, 18-year-olds can still make the perfect couples for love does not discriminated age.
People marry each other out of the love that they have for one another and 18 year-olds have the
ability to love and be loved right back. They are also able to look after each other with a lot of
care for they have the purest form of love as well.


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Arguing on the basis that they are too young to marry in that their marriage will not work out as
required is totally baseless for many marriages have failed before and they involved more mature