Sample Architecture Paper on Communicative Lines as Art form

Carolyn Davidson's choices for the Nike logo?
Communicative lines in art play a significant role in making the audience comfortable and
interested. When art has different forms of lines, it creates different impressions left to the
interpretations of the audience. The Nike logo is one of the most popular communicative
lines, as though the logo, there is a message for all the supporters of the brand. It is possible
that Carolyn Davidson chose to go for the current Nike logo because it stood for everything
the company stood for. The directional lines seen in the clear swoosh sign decide the feelings
and perceptions that a viewer may have of the image.
The vertical lines are straight and create a sense of stability. When an individual
wears a Nike shoe, they feel stable and comfortable, hence the vertical lines. Additionally, it
is possible that Davidson used the horizontal lines on the Nike logo to create motion. A sense
of movement is created through the horizontal lines that are straight and go in one direction.
The horizontal lines make a more significant impact on the Nike logo since they represent
the logo's boldest design. Therefore, Davidson managed to bring out the structure of Nike as
stable and indicative of fluidity. The Nike logo represents a feeling and a movement that the
company stands for: structure and stability.
Describing the color shapes
In the image, we can see different shapes and sizes in different colors. It is evident
that the shapes, sizes and colors are different but create a harmonious display. While other
colors on a canvas may appear chaotic, this particular image has created harmony out of
shapes and colors. The conditions create different forms and merge effectively despite the

Running head: VISUAL


alteration in edge and size. Additionally, the geographical lines are useful in creating a
congruent image where different shapes meet easily. As a viewer, I can trace all the lines and
move in a particular direction because of the precision behind lines' use to communicate to
the audience. Thus, the artist managed to capture my attention by allowing different shapes
to create one image form. It is possible that the different shapes and sizes may come as
confusing at some point. However, the use of color has allowed the artist to marry the shapes
together. The image has many shapes that make one full picture thanks to the careful use of
lines to communicate togetherness.
Describing the painting of the Woman
The first impression of the picture is the subject's sombre mood and possibly the artist
of the image. Looking at the image, it is evident that the painter uses lines to pass a message.
The picture shows that the painter used their liens to connect two points, but the lines overlap
in many cases. Essentially, the lines overlap to create a notion of sadness and confusion,
judging by how the liens blur the image but not too much to take away the beauty. The
painting of the woman shows expressive and communicative lines that run in different
directions. While such art can be confusing, it brings out the true feelings of the painter. The
painting's overlapping lines may describe the woman's thoughts and create the intent behind
the art. Expression is the painting's subject, as the overlapping of the lines show that the art
carries a message that demands to be seen by the viewer.