Sample Application Letter on Changing Schools

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Dear Sir/Madam,


I wish to express my interests in changing school due to low Grade Point Average (GPA) performance. I am a slow learner who best acquires knowledge in form of practical class sessions as opposed to the classroom monotony of reading and analyzing information from reading contexts. This situation has resulted from the fact that English is my second language and this slows down the rate of interpretation from written information. Nonetheless, this letter seeks to explain personal steps aimed at improving academic performance in addition to re-evaluating personal academic goals.

Upon successful admission in your school, there are different academic goals and objectives that will set the bar of education success. Firstly, I plan to attend all classes with little (or no) cases of absenteeism in order to capitalize on any learning opportunity both within and outside the classroom vicinity. Secondly, discipline (in terms of time and obedience to teachers) will add on to the academic goals aimed at improving my GPA performance. Thirdly, in order to attain a consistent academic progress, I plan to engage and interact with teachers and students appropriately in order to gain enough knowledge required to upgrade my academic performance. Lastly, I pledge to continuously maintain the good track record of nonviolent-related cases which could harm my academic progress.

The above steps will aid my academic progress in attaining various education goals and objectives. High standard discipline levels – as a student – is expected to aid in achieving relatively good performance grades in my GPA performance. Increased interaction rates with fellow students and teachers will contribute to my overall communication improvement as part of self-developed practical lessons for the English language. In conclusion, I hope that the new learning experience will promote my ultimate education goal geared towards becoming a successful professional in my future career.

Yours sincerely,


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